Work begins on Coles Bay Reservoir upgrade

A project has begun to double the capacity of Coles Bay reservoir to better serve our current customers and help meet demand for the future.

A project has begun to double the capacity of Coles Bay reservoir to serve current customers better and help meet the demand for the future.

The current Coles Bay reservoir is not big enough to meet the needs of the area. Demand data and projected annual growth rates show it will not meet a third of demand 30 years from now. 

Once complete, the project will deliver a reservoir capable of storing one million litres of water. It forms part of TasWater’s $1 billion capital works program over the next four years. 

Rachaelle Downey, Capital Engagement Specialist at TasWater, said work was expected to take six months to complete and thanked the Coles Bay community for their patience. 

“We have communicated with residents with display notices on appropriate noticeboards throughout the area. We have also sent text messages and updates on our social media and web page. Our customer engagement will continue with those updates as the work progresses. We will also drop a notice in your letterbox if your property is directly affected at any stage.” 

Downey urged residents to take care. They should avoid the area where works were being undertaken. 

“There will be more heavy vehicle traffic along the gravel access track which leads up to the water treatment plant and out to Friendly Beaches, especially during the first couple of months of work.

“While there will be some short-term inconvenience, the result will have long-term benefits for all those who live in, and love, Coles Bay,” Ms Downey said. 

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