Waterwise at WA Schools Think Tank Challenge

Students from 22 secondary schools across the state gathered this week to put innovation into action during the 2022 WA Schools Think Tank Challenge.

Students from 22 secondary schools gathered to put innovation into action during the 2022 WA Schools Think Tank Challenge.

Hosted by Water Corporation, the event brought together 268 Year 9 and 10 students from Perth, Northam, Bunbury, and Albany for one of four waterwise workshops.

Students learnt about Perth’s water supply challenges. They used ‘design thinking’ to develop new ways to recycle water and encourage WA communities to stay waterwise.

Water Corporation Customer and Community Manager, Karen Willis, said the competition allowed young people to play an active role in the future sustainability of precious drinking water supplies.

“Young people are acutely aware of the impacts of climate change. They want to be involved in developing ways to combat its effects,” Willis said.

“This event is a chance for students to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing WA’s water supply. It is a great way to be involved in designing sustainable solutions.”

Waterwise ideas introduce new innovations to WA students

The event also introduced students to the innovative water recycling initiatives already in place in WA, such as groundwater replenishment.

“There’s considerable innovation involved in recycling water as a fit-for-purpose resource and reusing by-products from water treatment,” Willis said.

“This is an important part of promoting circular economies where something that was once considered waste is reused, leading to better environmental outcomes.”

The most innovative ideas from each workshop will be presented to a panel of water industry experts during National Water Week in October, where a final winner will be selected.

“Last year’s winning idea came from students at Fremantle College and actually inspired the design of a prototype water tap which allowed water flow to be altered for different purposes,” Willis said.

To find out more about the Think Tank Program, visit www.watercorporation.com.au/Education/WA-Schools-Think-Tank-Challenge

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