Townsville monitor water levels for flood alerts

Townsville City Council and Taggle Systems are working together to monitor water levels for early flood alerts

With flooding disrupting the East Coast of Australia, Townsville City Council (TCC) has collaborated with Taggle Systems to collect data from eleven level sensors to alert to rising water levels of rivers and catchment areas.

Remote and frequent visualisation of water level rises will assist in coordinating flood responses. TCC and emergency services will benefit from real-time data from remote locations to inform decisions as heavy rainfall events unfold.

The data will provide a clear understanding of how quickly the water is rising when roads are expected to flood and when they are flooded. It will also provide information about when these floods will cause road closures and when the roads have cleared as the water recedes.

Heavy localised downpours can result in quickly changing conditions. Being informed can be critical in notifying evacuation orders and safely moving resources to prevent teams from being cut off.

Monitoring water levels key for keeping people safe

Pulsar Measurement’s ultrasonic level sensors are being used to monitor the water levels. The data is then sent back to Taggle’s Aqualus Water IoT Platform by Taggle’s recently released telemetry device, the Cockatoo.

The Cockatoo is Taggle’s most versatile telemetry device, designed and built here in Australia. It has a modular construction allowing more options to accommodate a range of sensors, protocols, battery configurations and radio technologies. It gives increased flexibility in deployment to address specific requirements and challenges.

Other applications for remote monitoring with the Cockatoo include water pressure, levels in the wastewater network, weather and rainfall, water flow, water and air quality, odour and gas, remote water metering, borehole monitoring and pipeline management.

Townsville City Council collecting critical data

For this project in Townsville, data is being collected every 15 minutes. It provides a clear idea as to what is happening with the water levels across the area.

The data will be processed in the Aqualus Water IoT platform and hosted on AWS infrastructure. The valuable insights will be delivered to TCC via the Aqualus Vision software platform, where the network of devices can be viewed, and alerts managed.

TCC has been a leader in utilising Taggle IoT technology to solve problems. TCC has a smart water metering program and monitors sewer levels, water pressure, rainfall and weather through the platform.

Taggle would like to acknowledge the fantastic work provided by QTEQ, local Queensland contractors, who installed the devices. They provided an extremely smooth and efficient installation process and did a top-notch job installing the devices.

Congratulations to the Townsville City Council team for your forward thinking and adoption of innovative technology to solve your water challenges. Townsville is a true Smart City!

To learn more about what Taggle offers, visit and get in touch.

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