Rebecca builds a great civil construction career

Rebecca O’Meley is a mother, student, community worker and HSEQ Manager. She shows that women can build great civil construction careers.

Rebecca O’Meley is a mother, student, community worker and HSEQ Manager. She shows that women can build a great civil construction career.

As a mother, Rebecca O’Meley has two teenagers at home. With her husband Stephen, they are foster parents with up to three young children needing their care and support. This, on its own, would be enough for many.

Not for O’Meley. Four years ago, she was offered the challenge of taking on the health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) Manager role at Maxibor, a leading Horizontal Directional Drilling company. Putting her head down, she embarked on a series of studies, up to 20 hours per week. She completed a graduate certificate in workplace health and safety (WHS) at the University of Newcastle and several related courses with TAFE NSW, with the support of her family and Maxibor.

O’Meley is now dedicating herself to improving the health and safety of others as a WHS enthusiast as part of her great civil construction career. O’Meley has developed a strong understanding and practical application of the current workplace health and safety legislation across industry standards. With her studies and infield experience, O’Meley’s qualifications include accreditation in WHS legislation in all states and ISO Standards 45001, 9001, 14001.

O’Meley believes it is important for HSEQ to be integrated into an organisation’s broader strategy and culture. She is an active participant in management meetings and has brought far more discipline and organisation to Maxibor. She emphasises the well-being and safety of staff and others.

Building a great civil construction career in HSEQ at Maxibor

O’Meley has been very well accepted by operational staff and other service providers Maxibor uses to deliver its projects in the field. HSEQ has become part of the culture of the Maxibor world. Projects crews regularly receive HSEQ accolades and win awards from major infrastructure asset owners and Tier 1 clients.

O’Meley has developed a series of well-received training modules for the Maxibor field staff. She is mentoring her offsider, Hollie Angus. Angus can now take on increasing HSEQ and plant management responsibilities in Maxibor.

In her spare time, O’Meley is giving back to the community. Recently she has connected with a local retirement village to provide talks about safety equipment, defibrillators, and emergency plans.

O’Meley gives strong credit to the vision and workplace flexibility of Maxibor in allowing this success story for professional females in the civil construction sector. The opportunity to build a great civil construction career has been a team effort. O’Meley encourages other employers to adopt a similar approach to attract and retain good people in a competitive marketplace for civil construction staff.

Working mothers CAN commit to work and family with the right working arrangements.

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