Nap Nap water efficiency project announced

The Australian Government today announced $2.4 million in funding for the Nap Nap Station Water Efficiency Project near Hay in New South Wales.

The Australian Government today announced $2.4 million in funding for the Nap Nap Station Water Efficiency Project near Hay in New South Wales.

The water efficiency project will recover around 150 megalitres annually towards the 450 gigalitre target. Protecting the environment and delivering the Murray–Darling Basin Plan are needed. One hundred fifty megalitres are equivalent to the water in 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

This saving is achieved by upgrading pipes, pumps and tanks to reduce water losses, including evaporation and seepage.

The more efficiently we can use and manage water for agriculture, the environment and local communities, the better we can safeguard the Murray–Darling Basin for generations to come.

In addition to more water for the environment, the water efficiency project will provide:

  • Access points for the Rural Fire Service.
  • Provide economic benefits to the local economy through local purchasing and employment opportunities from the investment in the project.
  • Increasing drought resilience and preparedness of Nap Nap Station.
  • Improve the conditions for animals on the property, improving their well-being and health outcomes.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for the Environment and Water, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP:

“Water recovery targets under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan are important for the millions who live and work in the Basin, but for all Australians.

“In the past six weeks, I’ve been listening to stakeholders in every Basin jurisdiction while visiting many of the significant sites across the Basin.

“When it comes to water recovery, nothing is off the table. I’m open to hearing all ideas on how to deliver the Murray Darling Basin Plan in full.

“Today’s announcement of off-farm efficiency measures is important in preparing the Murray-Darling Basin for the future. I’m so glad we could partner with Nap Nap Station to deliver this.

“I’ll encourage my state and territory counterparts to continue exploring all opportunities to contribute towards the water recovery targets. That includes finding new and innovative projects to save water and use it more effectively.”

Quotes attributable to the New South Wales Minister for Water, the Hon Kevin Anderson MP:

“The Nap Nap Station, off-farm efficiency project, is encouraging as it aligns with our view for healthy rivers, farms and communities.

“It’s great to see a landholder motivated to improve water quality for stock and domestic uses, and improve co-benefit outcomes for the local community, all the while contributing towards water recovery efforts that benefit the environment.

“New South Wales looks forward to continuing delivering innovative projects that benefit the community while contributing towards water recovery targets.”

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