WaterNSW issues open tender for ICT services

WaterNSW, which supplies two-thirds of water used in NSW, has issued an open tender for an ICT cost model and service catalogue.

WaterNSW has issued an open tender for an ICT cost model and service catalogue.

The organisation supplies about two-thirds of the water used in the state. It needs a “detailed, robust cost model that accurately determines the ICT costs required to support the delivery of a range of business product lines and services.”

New cost modelling will inform details about operating expenditures. WaterNSW will use that modelling to publicise its pricing submission for the 2026-2030 period to the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

WaterNSW wants the cost model to enable expansion and more granular cost analysis for future show back of ICT service costs to business units.

Its tender also calls for developing a “business-focused ICT service catalogue”.

WaterNSW’s IT environment encompasses internal data centres and cloud-based services using Azure and AWS.

The organisation has over 50 networked locations. It uses around 100 software applications, including Microsoft Dynamics ERP and time sheeting, payroll and asset management applications.

It also maintains a SCADA environment used to control and acquire data about physical infrastructure and a large telemetry network for meter data acquisition.

WaterNSW uses ServiceNOW for its ICT Service desk ticketing and service requests. However, it does not have a formalised ITSM-based service catalogue.

It has a perpetual license for the Clear Cost IT Cost modelling software. Watedoesn’tesn’t actively use it, according to the tender announcement.

For more information on this tender, visit theGovernment’sent’s eTendering website.

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