Water treatment plant tours for World Water Day

Local residents have been invited to celebrate World Water Day with a free tour of the Camperdown Water Treatment Plant.

Local residents have been invited to celebrate World Water Day with a free tour of the Camperdown Water Treatment Plant.

Wannon Water will host the tour on Friday, 22 March, to provide insight into how sustainable water services are delivered across the region.

The event will highlight the water corporation’s new campaign, Every Drop Counts, encouraging customers to make informed water-use decisions.

Managing Director Andrew Jeffers said as the demand for water increased, it was important for everyone to work together as a community to use water wisely.

“Most of us take water for granted,” Jeffers said. “We expect it to flow out of our taps every day. Yet, we rarely give it a second thought. It’s a precious resource and one we need to use more responsibly.”

The Every Drop Counts campaign highlights simple things that people can do each day to help reduce water consumption around the home and garden, which will also save them money.

Free resources will be available during the Camperdown event, providing water-saving tips and advice.

Participants can join a 45-minute guided tour for a behind-the-scenes look at the complex process of water treatment. They will see firsthand how the water is treated, purified, and made safe for consumption.

World Water Day

Wannon Water’s Branch Manager of Operations, Wayne Murdoch, encouraged anyone interested to register for a tour.

“Opening the Camperdown Water Treatment Plant allows us to showcase the vital work we do every day,” Murdoch said. “Camperdown’s water is sourced from the Otway Water Supply System, our largest and most complex supply system. Originally constructed in 1935, the system currently provides two-thirds of our region’s water needs.”

Instead of using a dam, water is diverted directly into the pipeline using small concrete weirs at East Arkins, West Arkins and First Creeks. The North Otway Pump Station also pumps water from the Gellibrand River to provide a consistent supply.

The pipeline carries water past Simpson before splitting off to Donald’s Hill Reservoir, south of Camperdown. This allows sediment to settle before the water is treated at the Camperdown Water Treatment Plant.

The drinking water is then supplied to customers in Camperdown, Lismore, Derrinallum and along the Camperdown rural pipeline.

Wannon Water plans to open more treatment plants to the public this year as part of its free community education program. Different sites will be chosen each term to help community members better understand water and sewage services in the region.

Tours will be led by operators who are available to answer questions about the water treatment process.

To register for the free event, visit https://CamperdownWTP.eventbrite.com.au

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