Water outlook positive heading into summer, says Gippsland Water

Gippsland Water largest water source Moondarra Reservoir is currently at 100 per cent capacity after recently spilling.

According to Gippsland Water’s Annual Water Outlook, water restrictions are unlikely this summer.

Three years of wet conditions from La Niña have contributed to the good health of the region’s water sources, and despite a dry start to the year, recent rainfall has returned catchments to an average level of dampness.

Managing director Sarah Cumming said Gippsland Water is confident water supplies will be secure over the summer season and into 2024.

“Our water supply systems are in a good position heading into the new year,” Cumming said. “Our largest water source, Moondarra Reservoir, is 100 per cent full and spilled recently. Across our service area, sources like our entitlement of Blue Rock Dam also sit at 100 per cent capacity. We believe restrictions are unlikely at this stage, even for smaller communities without large water storage facilities. Work completed in the last decade like the Seaspray raw water basin and the recent interconnect between Heyfield and Coongulla has ensured our smaller communities are catered for during the warmer, drier months. Our recent acquisition of an annual 3.33 gigalitre bulk entitlement from Tarago Reservoir has also furthered water security for West Gippsland.”

Positive water outlook

Ms Cumming said the water outlook considered the Bureau of Meteorology’s seasonal outlook, the last three years of La Niña, El Niño, and the positive Indian Ocean Dipole event.

“The combination of these conditions means Gippsland is likely to experience warm and dry conditions over the next few months,” Cumming said. “We had a much drier start to the year and a significantly drier July to September. October provided a much-needed reprieve, with the wet weather topping up our water sources just in time for the weather to heat up. While we’re confident we can meet demand, unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather events can always impact water supply, and we’ll inform our customers if circumstances change.”

Permanent water-saving rules continue to apply across Victoria.

To read Gippsland Water’s Annual Water Outlook, visit www.gippswater.com.au/annual-water-outlook

For information on water-saving rules and advice on how to save water, visit www.gippswater.com.au/savewater

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