Want to hear about the Inside Construction Expo 2023 program?

Inside Construction Expo 2023 will be held from 20-21 September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The conference program for Inside Construction Expo 2023 has been announced.

An event dedicated to major commercial and civil projects in the Australian construction industry, the Expo is being held from September 20 to 21 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With six themes being discussed over three stages across the two-day event, the conference program promises to be informative and engaging.

The conference will cover the following six major themes:
1. Workplace Wellbeing and Team Management
2. Digital Transformation and Connectivity
3. Sustainability and Environment
4. Construction Productivity
5. The Skills Gap: Training, Education, Recruitment and Careers
6. Health and Safety

View the program here.

Tickets to attend the conference are FREE, and also provide access to the trade show.

Who will be speaking at Inside Construction Expo 2023?

Speakers include:

Benjamin Wade

Benjamin is the Regional Lead for Ratings and Delivery in Victoria and Queensland at the Infrastructure Sustainability Council. He joined the Council in 2020, bringing with him a practical and applied background in Civil Engineering. The Council aims to drive infrastructure sustainability best practices across the quadruple bottom line through the use of the IS Rating Scheme, as well as training courses, industry events and advocacy. The rating scheme is currently utilised by over $250 billion AUD of Infrastructure across Australia and New Zealand.

Christina Yiakkoupis

Christina graduated from university as a Civil Engineer in 2010 and joined the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) in 2011 as part of the Queensland chapter within Australia. She was chair of the State Awards Committee and became Co-Vice President before being elected to the National Board in 2017 and then Chair of the Board in 2022.

In her time working in construction, Christina began working for a Tier 1 builder, where she discovered her love of the structure aspect of construction projects. She is currently working for one of South-East Queensland’s major concrete supply, pump and place contractors, De Martin & Gasparini.

Christina is passionate about giving young people (and girls in particular) access to tools and information that can educate and make them aware of the vast range of opportunities that exist in construction. She also loves to hear the tough and inspiring stories of those working in construction and celebrate the amazing achievements of women and their allies in this challenging industry.

Giselle Phillips

Giselle Phillips is the Women in Industry 2023 Woman of the Year Award winner and the Safety Advocacy Award winner. She is a dynamic driver of positive change, making a difference by being a positive and supportive influence, sharing & imparting information or implementing change.

To register, you can head to the Inside Construction Expo website.

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