WA State Government funding desalination progress

The WA State Government will invest more than $3 billion to tackle climate change and develop climate-resilient communities as part of the 2023-24 State Budget.

The WA State Government will invest more than $3 billion to tackle climate change and develop climate-resilient communities as part of the 2023-24 State Budget.

The 2023-24 State Budget supercharges Western Australia’s transition to cleaner, reliable and affordable energy, with $2.8 billion for energy storage, wind power generation and transmission network upgrades on the State’s main electricity grid.

The package includes funding for large-scale battery storage systems in Collie and Kwinana, new wind power generation projects in King Rocks and near Eneabba, and significant investment towards network planning and upgrades to facilitate renewable energy expansion.

The massive funding injection will help to replace the generation capacity of State-owned coal-fired power stations, which will be retired by 2030 to ensure a stable and secure electricity supply for WA.

Desalination a focus of the WA State Budget

The WA State Government has allocated $65.3 million for enabling works at the new Alkimos Seawater Desalination Plant, securing WA’s drinking water supply as rainfall continues to decline in Perth and the South-West.

At full capacity, the new plant will be able to supply 100 billion litres of clean, safe drinking water to millions of Western Australians each year.

The WA State Budget includes almost $40 million to develop climate-resilient communities, supporting the WA Climate Adaptation Strategy – which is scheduled for release later this year and will set out core directions for a State-wide adaptation response.

Adaptation is taking action to prepare and adjust to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. It includes initiatives to improve knowledge, capability and partnerships to enhance the resilience of industries, cities and regions.

Initiatives funded in the Budget include:

  • $3.4 million to deliver stage two of the Climate Science Initiative. It will produce the most comprehensive Western Australian climate projections to date;
  • $2.8 million to expand the Sector Adaptation Plan Program. The Program supports fit-for-purpose adaptation solutions for small and medium businesses and the environmental and primary industries sectors;
  • $2.7 million to develop a training program to educate small and medium businesses on adaptation. It will also fund research grants to support solutions and develop a climate adaptation toolkit;
  • $5 million for a reverse osmosis desalination program in the Wheatbelt and Great Southern. The program will support farmers to deliver high quality water;
  • Almost $2 million to work with Aboriginal groups on designing a First Nations Climate Resilience Fund;
  • $1.5 million to identify actions needed to improve the resilience of rivers in the South-West; and
  • More than $800,000 for urban heat modelling of the Perth metropolitan area to inform future planning and adaptation strategies.

The Budget will also include $36 million to help deliver the WA State Government’s historic decision to end native logging. There will be a further $31.8 million to facilitate green energy project approvals.

For more information, visit www.ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au.

Comments attributed to Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby:

“The McGowan Government is continuing to invest in climate action and adaptation. This sends a strong signal about our priorities and leadership.

“It is important we build Western Australia’s climate resilience. Adaptation is crucial to tackling the climate crisis on a global scale.

“Decarbonising our economy to protect WA’s environment for future generations is essential to the growth and economic diversification of our State.”

Comments attributed to Energy Minister Bill Johnston:

“Our Government is committed to investing in projects that will help decarbonise State-owned Synergy.

“This significant investment supports the State’s acceleration to a low carbon future and will enhance business confidence.

“We want to unlock critical investment in clean energy infrastructure and technologies to help position our State as a green energy powerhouse.”

Comments attributed to Water Minister Simone McGurk:

“This investment shows the Government is serious about tackling the impacts of climate change and future-proofing Perth’s water supply for years to come.

“When operating at full capacity, the new desalination plant will provide 100 billion litres of safe, clean drinking water for Western Australians every year.

“Water is our most precious resource. With increasing pressure on traditional sources of water due to climate change, adaptation and innovation has never been more important.”

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