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This portable camera is an example of remote control technology for the water industry.

The water and wastewater industry is under increasing pressure to optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure environmental compliance. Traditional management methods often rely on manual inspections and reactive maintenance, leading to inefficiencies and potential disruptions. Enter the game-changing combination of remote control technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). This powerful duo is transforming how water and wastewater facilities operate, offering a proactive and data-driven approach to management.

Imagine monitoring and controlling critical infrastructure – pumps, valves, tank levels – from a central location or even remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Remote control technology makes this a reality.

IoT sensors embedded in your infrastructure collect valuable real-time data on various parameters – pressure, temperature, vibration – and transmit it wirelessly to a central hub.

Remote control technology and IoT are not just futuristic concepts but practical solutions ready to transform your water and wastewater operations today. Embrace the future of water management and gain a significant edge in efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

Inside Water recognises this role and is looking to focus on the latest advancements in remote control technology and the Internet of Things. If you’re an expert, a thought leader or provide a technology ahead of its time, you can get in front of one of the largest water industry audiences in Australia.

The May/June 2024 issue of Inside Water will contain the following unique features: Bioenergy, Young ProfessionalsEmergency Management, Water Quality Testing, Industry Insight and Water Associations. More is to come as the edition comes together.

What does Inside Water offer?

A full-page marketing package includes.

  • Full-page advertisement (ad material to be supplied)
  • Editorial Feature to be written for you by the editor of Inside Water
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Expressions of interest close on 15 April 2024. To learn more or to secure your spot, please click the button below.

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