Updated standard raising bar for water efficiency

Updated standard raising the bar for product water efficiency

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (now Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water) has announced the release of a new world-leading international standard for water efficiency labelling programs.

The Regulator of the Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) scheme is Ms Rachel Connell. She said this new standard would help other nations to save water and reduce water scarcity. It would reduce emissions at a time when water security and climate change are becoming a growing global threat.

“Water underpins all human activity: food and energy production, physical health, life in cities, social stability. However we are seeing unsustainable demands and pressures on the world’s clean freshwater resources,” Ms Connell said.

“That is why Australia has led the way in developing this standard with industry and key trading partners. We want to ensure we all preserve as much of this precious resource as possible with the added benefits of reducing utility bills and emissions.

Improving water efficiency among products

“This new standard highlights Australia’s internationally recognised expertise in water management. It acknowledges our WELS program as a world leader. The WELS program saves over 158 gigalitres of water and more than $1.47 billion each year on water and water-heating power bills in Australia.

“By leading the standard development, we are well positioned to support manufacturers and exporters to meet international water efficiency labelling requirements.

“Australia will continue to be at the forefront of water management globally. We want to improve water security and to reduce the impact of climate change.”

More information on the international standard and the WELS program can be found https://www.waterrating.gov.au/.

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