Understanding sensors for the wastewater industry

Innovative devices are transforming the wastewater industry, providing accurate and reliable solutions for efficient and sustainable wastewater management.

Innovative devices are transforming the wastewater industry, providing accurate and reliable solutions for efficient and sustainable wastewater management.

For every jurisdiction in Australia, wastewater sites need to know the volume of treated wastewater travelling through their outlet pipes. No one wants poorly treated water to go into local water sources. The fines for breaching this can reach millions of dollars.

This is where Pulsar Measurement can support the industry with its technology. The AVFM 6.1, Ultra 4, and MantaRay create new opportunities for water and wastewater operators. The company’s experience in the United Kingdom is insightful, and many operators in Australia can benefit from the technology.

AVFM 6.1 – Outlet pipe measurement

Wastewater sites must know the volume of treated wastewater that goes through their outlet pipes and back into the local water source to comply with local permits and prevent prosecution for over-pumping or spills. Pulsar Measurement was asked to help find a solution to identify the amount of treated wastewater flowing through the outflow section of a client’s site. The team decided to try the AVFM 6.1 area velocity flow meter.

The AVFM 6.1 uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuously measure both velocity and level in the channel. The sensor resists fouling, corrosion, and abrasion as the exposed materials on the sensor are stainless steel. The best accuracy arises when the water is not very turbulent and velocity is evenly distributed across the channel. The channel should not have drops or direction changes immediately upstream of the sensor mounting location.

The AVFM was placed into the outlet sewer pipe on-site to measure the treated wastewater pumped. Inlet flow at the site was monitored elsewhere, and the customer controlled the pump frequencies to adjust the amount of flow that went through the application. Pulsar Measurement’s AVFM 6.1 monitored the flow travelling through the outflow pipe.

Once installed, the system performed admirably, and the readings obtained were in line with what the customer was expecting to see. End-users were satisfied with the results. Several tests were conducted to confirm that the system-reported flows, at different rates, were in line with the customer’s expectations.

Ultra control

The Ultra 4 is the newest addition to the Pulsar Measurement Ultra family of controllers and is the first controller with an onboard localised display with trend analysis. It allows the user to get a glance at process trends over time. The unit follows a simple, easy-to-use, menu-led setup system. Installation of the unit is quick, easy, and straightforward.

The on-screen trend analysis and view of echo profiles featured in the Ultra 4 unit give the user a quick and clear indication of trends over a period. The controller features embedded memory and comes with an 8GB SD memory card as standard. It allows for enhanced data logging and ensures that no historical data is lost, even if the site loses power.

There are inbuilt flow calculations for up to 20 different structures, including a V-Notch weir and Parshall Flume, with two alternative options for the end-user to enter up to 32 pairs of head-to-flow breakpoints.

Various communication options for the Ultra 4, including HART, Profibus, and Modbus RTU, help communication in existing site systems without expense or hassle.

This new and improved unit’s sophistication and advanced features allow water companies to comply with the new regulations. It is a small but crucial building block in a much bigger development. The non-contact nature of the Ultra 4 and ultrasonic technology means little to no maintenance is required.

MantaRay flows the right way

An array of wastewater treatment sites are required by law to measure their environmental impact, and the discharges from any industry can vary in type. A client of Pulsar’s was concerned about the increased volume of water runoff into the surrounding environment. Together, it was decided to implement an open channel flow meter, and MantaRay was the device chosen.

The MantaRay is a portable area-velocity flow meter that measures flow using a submersible ultrasonic sensor. The unit is designed for flow surveys in open channels, partially full sewer, and surcharged pipes – making the portable flow meter suitable for sewer monitoring, industrial flow monitoring, irrigation flow, and natural streams.

The digital display, outputs, and non-essential functions are suspended using the ‘Sleep Mode’ function to extend battery life while logging flow. Based on the logging interval, the MantaRay activates the sensor for 12 seconds to obtain flow readings and then resumes low power mode until the next logger sample interval.

The battery operation has proved to be a success for many users. This is due to the remote location of the measurement point. It allows the unit to collect the flow data required for the expansion permit. The unit’s compact size has also meant it could be installed discreetly in a cabinet on the side of a small bridge. Accurate flow data is now being recorded and logged. It ensures that data from multiple years can be stored for regulatory requirements.

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