The journey from hydraulic modelling to digital twins

The dawn of the digital water era is here. The Global Digital Water Solutions Market Research Report predicted the Global Digital Water Solutions Market to reach US$1.7 billion by 2027.

The dawn of the digital water era is here. The Global Digital Water Solutions Market Research Report predicted the Global Digital Water Solutions Market to reach US$1.7 billion by 2027.

Digital water (i.e., smart water, the Internet of Water, or Water 4.0) involves using data, real-world scenarios, automation, and artificial intelligence to improve water services and operations. A report from The International Water Association suggested that water utilities increasingly rely on digital technologies to extend water resources, including slashing their non-revenue water losses dramatically.  They also use this technology to reduce sewer overflows by a billion gallons annually.

The need to invest in modern water infrastructure and utilities is greater than ever. According to research by the Corps of Engineers, ageing water utilities globally are at risk of failure. They lack environmental compliance, posing significant global challenges amplified by the intensifying natural disasters. For example, leaky pipes are estimated to be losing eight trillion litres of water annually.

Water utilities continue to face pressure to renew and operate their infrastructure more efficiently. They also need to provide enhanced customer and environmental outcomes. Efficiency-enabling technology, such as on-demand software, and real-time operational analytics, provides the capacity to accomplish these goals. The water industry needs a digital revolution.

Water utilities require digital twins that integrate with existing technology, data, and systems to transform and progress their digital journey. They can address and solve water affordability, scarcity, and resilience. Autodesk-Innovyze is a global leader in water modelling, simulation, and predictive analytics and is utilised by water and wastewater professionals worldwide to address such challenges.

Digital Water Solutions (DWS) is a leading Autodesk Reseller and System Integrator with water domain expertise. It is leveraging its industry expertise in Autodesk’s product suite to support water utilities and engineering consultants to develop solutions. Those solutions can directly address client needs and assist water professionals in making enhanced operational and capital decisions.

“The water industry is moving towards digital twins, which provide a real-time digital representation of the water utility’s assets,” Con Strydom, Managing Director of DWS, said. “Virtual representations of real-world systems are being adopted by water experts to predict the behaviour of water systems. Autodesk’s Info360 Insight is a leading digital-twin technology that integrates with existing water utility systems, technologies and data sources, including the Innovyze hydraulic models, which are utilised extensively by water utilities in Australia and New Zealand.”

A closer look at Info360 Insight

Info360 Insight is an Autodesk SaaS application for data visualisation. It allows users to access asset performance data to perform daily operations such as pipe break detection and water loss, long-term maintenance, and capacity planning, all with seamless integration into the hydraulic model.

As a workflow solution, Info360 Insight provides real-time ingestion and analysis of SCADA data and 24/7 event monitoring. It enables utilities to identify incidents in their system, check multiple resolution scenarios, and apply recommended actions to resolve system failures as soon as possible.

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems and metering systems, Info360 Insight helps water utility operators monitor and manage water operations more effectively. It lets you configure and tailor your dashboard applications and key system performance indicators to your business needs. Info360 Insight tracks your alert notifications in real time. This software uses advanced data management, visualisation, correlation, collaboration technologies and predictive analytics. It helps you transform your real-time data into actionable insights to guide your operational decision-making.

Info360 Insight provides you with a proactive, real-time network performance monitoring cloud-based tool. It combines all key performance metrics in the control room with sophisticated analytics for proactive decision-making and business process optimisation. This allows water utility operators to leverage real-time data for information flows that are faster, more relevant, analytically optimised, and actionable. The result is proactive water network management that will help distribute safe drinking water and sewerage conveyance more efficiently and help users improve business responsiveness and customer service.

“DWS is uniquely positioned due to its specialist expertise to help the water industry progress its journey to Digital Twins,” said Justin Hanson, Commercial Director of DWS. “DWS provides effective domain-specific support and training for water utilities and engineering consultants. It ensures customers maximise the benefits when adopting this leading technology. We also provide value-add services that support our customers through their digital journey. Our customers can leverage the investment in hydraulic modelling when moving to an operational solution.”

About Digital Water Solutions (DWS)

Autodesk recently appointed Digital Water Solutions (DWS) as a specialist Innovyze reseller in Australia and New Zealand. They will support its existing and new Innovyze customers. DWS leverages its water industry expertise to assist existing and new Innovyze customers in taking the next steps in their digital journey. It also maximises the benefits they can achieve from the Innovyze technology, particularly the adoption of digital twins of water infrastructure. DWS has extensive Innovyze and water industry expertise and can assist existing and new Innovyze customers to take the next steps in their digital journey.

Contact DWS to learn more by calling 1300 302 077 (Aus) or 0800 450 629 (NZ) or emailing

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