The future of water monitoring is Captis Recharge

Better water flow and pressure monitoring is critical for industries such as agriculture, utilities, and manufacturing. Outdated water monitoring systems that require constant maintenance and are prone to errors can lead to inefficient water management and increased costs. However, IoT devices are making water monitoring and management simpler, safer and more economical.

Better water flow and pressure monitoring are critical for agriculture, utilities, and manufacturing industries. Outdated systems that require constant maintenance and are prone to errors can lead to inefficient water management and increased costs. However, IoT devices make water monitoring and management more straightforward, safer, and economical.

Deploying IoT devices across water infrastructure creates intelligent networks that are becoming the new standard for water utilities and councils across Australia. However, selecting a suitable instrument for remote and harsh environments can be difficult.

The Captis Recharge was designed and manufactured in Australia specifically to address the issues of outdated water monitoring systems.

What are the benefits of Captis Recharge?

One of the biggest requirements for installing any IoT device is reducing truck rolls and maintenance costs. This means the device needs to have long-lasting hardware, batteries or external power sources to ensure an ‘install and forget’ process.

The Captis Recharge has a 10+ year device life, a rechargeable battery and external power options, making it one of the longest-lasting devices on the market.  External solar panels or DC power supplies will ensure that the device can capture data every 10 seconds without adversely impacting its longevity in the field.

Using NB-IoT technology, Captis can operate on the far edge of the largest cell network, where standard 4G and 5G connectivity do not exist.  The hardware is IP-68 Rated, meaning it can operate in extreme conditions, like down a sewer in extreme heat or in locations with constant water ingress.

Captis Recharge integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Cumulocity. It can integrate with almost any data platform. With its easy installation process and low maintenance requirements, Captis Recharge provides an affordable and efficient solution to water monitoring. Its impact can lead to more efficient water management, reduced costs, and increased sustainability.

The device has been designed to achieve the ultimate requirement for utilities and councils – no maintenance, reliable and cost-effective.

What aspects of monitoring should the Captis Recharge be considered?

Water Flow

Captis Recharge’s accurate and real-time water flow monitoring capabilities make it ideal for irrigation systems, water distribution networks, and wastewater treatment plants. With its ability to capture data every 10 seconds, Captis Recharge provides up-to-date information on water usage and flow rates, enabling users to detect leaks and prevent wastage.

Captis Recharge’s NB-IoT technology provides reliable and consistent data, even in remote locations. This makes it ideal for monitoring flow in areas where traditional monitoring systems are not feasible, such as agricultural fields or rural communities.

Water Pressure

Water pressure monitoring is critical in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of water distribution systems. Captis Recharge provides accurate and real-time water pressure monitoring, enabling users to detect and resolve issues such as pressure drops and leaks.

Captis Recharge’s external power options make it ideal for monitoring water pressure in areas without access to a mains power supply. When paired with a solar panel, its long battery life and low maintenance requirements provide a cost-effective solution to water pressure monitoring.

Water Quality

IoT devices monitor parameters such as pH, chlorine, and temperature. This allows for early detection of any changes or issues, enabling prompt intervention and preventing potential risks to human health and the environment.

The Captis Recharge is ideal for monitoring water quality thanks to its ability to drive more power-hungry water quality sensors.

Designed to be an affordable and efficient solution, the Captis Recharge is fast becoming the most in-demand water monitoring device available.

The future of water monitoring is here, and it’s with Captis Recharge.

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