How ifm helps wastewater treatment plants protect our water

Are you looking to improve your wastewater treatment plants and processes? Are you looking for efficiencies? More can be found here!

Wastewater treatment plants are fundamental to modern society. However, properly using the water used in that process can be challenging, particularly in a dry environment.

While Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, water is not among them.

Already a very dry continent, Australia’s water scarcity issues are likely to be exacerbated by changes to weather patterns caused by climate change and the increased demands of a growing population.

It’s why improving our wastewater treatment plants and processes is essential.

Wastewater treatment plants and processes

This white paper discusses Australia’s water challenges and how ifm is working with Australian wastewater treatment companies to streamline their operations through the integration of modern digital sensor technology to collect actionable insights from data.

It highlights the partnership between ifm and Australian wastewater treatment specialist Aerofloat and how ifm’s sensors and easy-to-use IO-Link connectivity solution have saved time and costs for Aerofloat’s customers.

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