SUEZ is creating cycles for life

Faced with growing environmental challenges, for more than 160 years, SUEZ has been delivering essential water and wastewater services that protect and improve peoples’ quality of life. With local roots and proud history in Australia, the company has carved out its place as a leader in water infrastructure. It is creating cycles for life for its people, customers, and communities.

Faced with growing environmental challenges, for more than 160 years, SUEZ has been delivering essential water and wastewater services that protect and improve peoples’ quality of life. With local roots and proud history in Australia, the company has carved out its place as a leader in water infrastructure. It is creating cycles for life for its people, customers, and communities.

A name synonymous with innovation, SUEZ is a driven, purpose-filled organisation. It conveys a desire to support its customers through ecological transitions towards net zero while ensuring water resiliency. The company thinks outside the box to ensure that the planet we live on is a place our descendants will be proud to live in.

SUEZ understands that every drop of water is a precious resource and will work to make sure communities have reliable access to clean water and sanitation services.

The proper use of water is a critical issue in SUEZ. To achieve this and to ensure that its customers get the most value out of their asset management lifecycle, the company offers its clients an array of services across the water and wastewater sectors. As it works to create cycles for life, SUEZ’s commitment to the circular economy and sustainability remains strong.


SUEZ understands its purpose in Australian society. Its local teams are rooted in their communities and intimately understand their customers’ needs. Both locally and globally, SUEZ is committed to providing people and the planet with the resources for a shared future.

With teams unified in their knowledge and passion for their work and culture, SUEZ is committed to water conservation and creating value from wastewater. The company collaborates to promote responsible behaviour among its staff, partners, and clients. True to its thirst for innovation, SUEZ has increased its investment in research and development by 50 per cent as part of its circular economy solutions and makes the best possible use of Australia’s finite resources.

 One area that SUEZ is known for is being a trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste. Since its inception, the company has developed a fundamental understanding of the needs of its clients. Its expertise in water and wastewater supports clients in managing complex projects on any scale.

Culture of partnership central to creating cycles for life

Fundamental to SUEZ is its culture of partnership. At its core is working with its clients to generate environmental and social value. An example of this is the upgrade of the Boneo Water Recycling Treatment Plant. South East Water appointed John Holland, SUEZ and Beca to the project. They were tasked with delivering an innovative, safe, and sustainable water recycling process for the Mornington Peninsula.

The project will incorporate low-energy nutrient removal and energy recovery processes to help South East Water achieve its emissions reduction target of 45 per cent by 2025 and will have the potential for the plant to become carbon positive.

With the plant’s construction completed, SUEZ worked with its partners to modernise it. The company has utilised several innovative technologies, including optimised anaerobic digestion, breakthrough technologies in wastewater treatment processes, Nitrite Shunt and anammox sidestream. All these technologies are designed to reduce South East Water’s reliance on grid electricity and improve capacity to serve the current and future needs of the community and environment.

The outcomes achieved through this project will also contribute towards achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by minimising the impact on our environment, reducing emissions and working towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

The SUEZ Strategy behind creating cycles for life

SUEZ‘s strategies are built around its core strengths.

SUEZ has the expertise and know-how in water and wastewater. It builds on its project management skills, particularly when it comes to complex projects on a large scale. Taking a collaborative approach, SUEZ has a partnership culture ingrained in its DNA. It comes from its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and services. It also understands the value of maintaining long-term relationships with its clients.

Each multidisciplinary team puts their ingenuity to the test at every opportunity to serve society. They are driven and seek to make a difference by creating solutions that benefit every segment of the community for environmental and societal challenges.

As Australia and the world move faster towards a circular economy, the company’s step-change strategy is built to achieve this and is underpinned by three central pillars.

Pillars of SUEZ’s Strategy

One pillar focuses on its core business. SUEZ is always looking at the value chain of wastewater, water, and corollary services. It also examines its core markets that combine resilient and mature markets with an appetite for innovation and high-growth emerging markets.

A second pillar shows how SUEZ differs from others. It differentiates itself through its value propositions for its customers. SUEZ integrates its construction and operational expertise with its role as a digital, end-user experience and innovation leader. This is all collected under the umbrella of ambitious commitments that are proven to support people, the planet and nature.

The third pillar focuses on value creation for its clients. SUEZ looks at all its projects to prioritise cutting-edge technologies, digital solutions, and scalable services to maintain its competitive edge.

Value proposition

So why should companies choose SUEZ for their business? What makes it the right fit? How do cycles for life work for your business?

It’s vital to remember that SUEZ has passionate and committed teams, and they want their clients to succeed. They will enable clients and their businesses to become better.

First, it will ensure that clients can provide water and wastewater solutions to their communities by delivering resilient and innovative solutions. SUEZ will implement actions and bring solutions that will allow clients to grow and improve their quality of life. Through digitisation, SUEZ offers its clients innovative water and wastewater management models. It helps its customers exceed their standards in terms of water quality, recycling, and energy recovery.

Second, SUEZ aims to create value for its customers over the entire lifecycle of its assets and services. They want their clients to extend the operations of their assets with technology and continuous innovation. This approach makes the assets a resource enabler. In the eyes of SUEZ, all these products have value. They also aim to optimise water production and management.

Finally, SUEZ is shepherding its clients forward in the ecological transition, along with its client’s end-users. Being a partner means working with their end users to develop a sustainable lifestyle and protect nature. SUEZ provides a far-reaching set of water solutions. These solutions and services are enhanced with intelligent digital solutions to support responsible behaviours. SUEZ wants to help users take an active part in preserving their environments.

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