Our water, our future: working towards a true circular economy

SUEZ is having an incredible impact in Australia, developing high-quality circular economy solutions across the country.

The circular economy offers an unparalleled opportunity for the generation of green growth, investment in water infrastructure and co-creation amongst water authorities, government bodies, service providers, industry regulators and communities. In the Australian and New Zealand markets, SUEZ stands at the forefront, pioneering water management practices that embody the essence of circular solutions. 

At its core, the circular economy is an economic model that aims to minimise waste and maximise the value of resources. When applied to water, this revolutionary concept envisions a closed-loop system. Water is treated, reused, and recycled, creating a sustainable water cycle that conserves one of our most precious resources.

For SUEZ, the circular economy of water moves away from the traditional linear model of water use (take, use, dispose) towards a circular approach that recognises water as a valuable and finite resource.

In the Australian market, where water scarcity and environmental degradation are pressing concerns, the circular economy offers a lifeline. As SUEZ drives this transformative approach through its water management and digital solutions, the company is not only addressing immediate water challenges but also laying the foundation for a greener, more sustainable future.

Delivering for tomorrow

Providing an estimated 12.3m Australians with essential water and wastewater services, as well as deploying over 25,000 smart meters locally, SUEZ is making an impact that will last generations.

The company’s core capabilities in design and build, as well as its collaborative approach, enables customers to exercise complete control over every stage of their water infrastructure projects. From small-scale projects to large-scale plants, SUEZ draws from its global knowledge base to provide localised solutions for the Australian and New Zealand market. This in-house capability ensures that water infrastructure is precisely designed to optimise resource usage and minimise environmental impact.

SUEZ’s operations and maintenance services go hand-in-hand with its design and build capabilities. By not only constructing but also overseeing the operation and maintenance of water, desalination, wastewater, and reuse plants, SUEZ ensures the continuity of sustainable practices throughout the entire lifecycle of water assets. The integration of circular economy principles in day-to-day operations on the delivery partner’s desalination, water and wastewater treatment plants guarantees that water is managed efficiently and responsibly, reducing waste and conserving resources for future generations.

The Build, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT) model exemplifies SUEZ’s commitment to holistic involvement in water infrastructure projects. BOOT contracts combine design-build, ownership, operation, and transfer services with financing arrangements, making SUEZ an ideal partner for customers seeking comprehensive project support. This approach not only fosters innovation and efficiency but also empowers SUEZ to drive circular economy practices from conception to completion, ensuring the sustainable management of water resources throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Partnering for a shared vision

Central to SUEZ’s success in driving circular water management is the company’s emphasis on partnership models. By positioning itself as a complete resource management partner, SUEZ collaborates closely with customers, aligning its expertise to meet their social, environmental and operational objectives.

A collaborative approach for working together on water infrastructure involves bringing together various stakeholders, including government agencies, private companies, non-profit organisations, local communities, and academic institutions, to collectively address water-related challenges and create sustainable solutions. This approach recognises that water management is a complex and interconnected issue that requires the expertise and efforts of multiple parties to achieve meaningful and long-lasting impact. Together with its partners, SUEZ is creating a shared vision of a water-resilient future for Australia and New Zealand.

SUEZ’s pioneering leadership in water management embodies the essence of the circular economy, transforming the way we perceive and manage water resources. By leveraging its core capabilities in design and build, operation and maintenance, BOOT contracts, and partnership models, SUEZ is at the forefront of building a water-wise nation.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, SUEZ’s commitment to circular water management sets an inspiring example for industries, governments, and communities to collaborate actively in preserving our most precious resource for generations to come.

For more information on how SUEZ capabilities are contributing to a circular economy, visit www.suez.com/en/australia-new-zealand

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