Storming through with stormwater solutions

Designed to be compatible with all types of pipe material, kwik-ZIP’s spacer systems are perfect for stormwater management solutions.

Designed to be compatible with all types of pipe material, kwik-ZIP’s spacer systems can be used on and in corrugated pipe installations, perfect for stormwater management.

kwik-ZIP’s casing spacer and centraliser products are manufactured from high-grade thermoplastic. They are used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors, water and gas utilities, drilling companies and international engineering firms.

kwik-ZIP’s spacer systems are aligned with the company’s ethos to provide simple, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions. kwik-ZIPs products are versatile, adaptable, manufactured, and designed for use on and in many types of pipes, including corrugated pipe installations.

Using kwik-ZIP products helps contractors comply with regulations requiring casing centralisers or pipe spacers. This includes wastewater and sewerage codes as well as construction standards for wells. There are also a range of stormwater regulations at local and state government levels to consider.

Since its inception in 2000, kwik-ZIP has been designing centralisers and spacers systems for a range of applications across different industry sectors. Each series of products has varying bow/runner heights for each product series (HDXT, HDX, HD, GT,  and 155).

Adaptable and well-suited to corrugated pipe installations

kwik-ZIP’s HDX and HDXT can work on a corrugated pipe inserted into a smooth pipe and function on a smooth pipe inserted into a corrugated pipe.

The HDXT and HDX runners’ flat base bridges the corrugations’ pitch for corrugated carrier pipe. This allows the load to be transferred to the carrier pipe along the length of the runners. If the enveloper is corrugated, the flat wear pads on the HDX and HDXT runners allow for smooth slip lining along the invert.

Designed to last

The HD series can adapt to a range of on-site scenarios. It is intended for trenchless and cased crossings, slip lining, gravel-packed well screens, pump torque arrestor, water well casing, coal seam methane casing, and pump riser/submersible pump installation and piling.

Coming in four sizes, ranging from a 30 mm bow up to a 100 mm bow, the series can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. It has a range of unique features, including a curved bow spring that has a good centralising force. There is no need for special tools when assembling these spacers.

kwik-ZIP’s HDX and HDXT series spacers are designed for medium to heavy pipes in cased crossings. They can be utilised on a range of pipe materials, including steel, DICL, HDPE, concrete and MSCL carrier pipes. This minimises running friction between the carrier pipe and the casing during installation.

The HDX casing spacer comes in four runner heights, ranging from 38 to 125 millimetres. The HDXT casing spacer also comes in four runner heights between 43 and 153 millimetres. The different runner heights across the two models ensure pipeline installers can handle a range of carrier pipe OD and casing (host pipe) ID combinations. It allows for customising the pipe position for grade control or ‘centring’.

kwik-ZIP provided HDX65 casing spacers for a bundled conduit installation carried out by Diona Civil Engineering for Ausgrid. The project required a 120-metre-long PVC conduit bundle to be installed inside a 700-millimetre open bore part of Shepherds Bay Stormwater Trunk Drainage development in Meadowbank, NSW. A custom-built HDPE pipe separator positioned each conduit with the 70-millimetre separation necessary. The kwik-ZIP model HDX 65 spacers were installed at 2-metre intervals to prevent sagging before grouting. This led to improved stormwater management outcomes.

Kwik-ZIP products adaptable and standardised

The HDX/HDXT series casing spacer is compatible with all types of pipe material. This minimises running friction during installation. It also stations the pipe to promote even grout cover. If the pipe is not to be grouted, the HDX/HDXT will support and isolate the carrier pipe plus its contents for the design life of the installation. This highlights kwik-ZIP’s ability to provide an off-the-shelf solution irrespective of the requirements due to its range of products and options.

The HDX and HDXT models are the only casing spacers currently on the market approved as compliant by WSAA. Other kwik-ZIP products have also been added to the Accepted Infrastructure Products and Materials (IPAM) list for the Southeast Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code (SEQ Code).

kwik-ZIP focuses on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly, ensuring that its centraliser and casing spacer systems deliver cost, time, and operational advantages to its customers.

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