Spotting the early signs of equipment failure with seals

Seals are vital for the proper upkeep of equipment. Proper systems monitoring is essential for preventing equipment failure, so keeping on top of things is vital.

Seals are vital for the proper upkeep of equipment. Proper systems monitoring is essential for preventing equipment failure, so keeping on top of things is vital.

Equipment failure is possible in any wastewater or water plant due to the challenges of such harsh environments. Even the smallest seal in a facility can have a significant and far-reaching impact on functions, grinding the entire operation to a halt. Sealing efficiency and functionality may seem like a tiny element in the equation, but it can impact operations the most.

This makes system monitoring essential for spotting early signs of equipment failure and preventing them before they happen. Monitoring and control systems offer valuable insight into every aspect of operation and are easy to use and effective when utilising the latest technology.

Get Ahead of Issues with Chesterton Connect

Chesterton Connect is a unique product designed to simplify and provide definitive data capture to monitor the efficiency and process of pumps and sealing systems. This technology will go a long way in assisting to spot early signs of equipment failure. Within the fields of water and wastewater, such information is hugely advantageous and allows providers to monitor the following:

  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperature
  • Process temperature
  • Process pressure

Chesterton Connect also uses Bluetooth technology to share data via a user-friendly app, and LED controls to supply data and insights on-site and anywhere a user can access the cloud. Chesterton Connect is helpful for various assets, including:

  • Pumps
  • Mixers
  • Agitators
  • Various rotating and stationary equipment

This constant data stream provides easy trend analysis for both predictions of issues before and as they arise while notifying maintenance in real-time. An example of this application was within a Swedish municipality running large split-case centrifugal pumps to process potable water. Chesterton Connect fitting allowed the customer to actively monitor conditions and identify significant changes indicative of developing faults, leading to considerable cost reductions.


Chesterton Customseal’s range of high-performance hydraulic and pneumatic seals are crafted from exclusive polymer materials. These unique materials are ideal for use in every challenging industrial sealing application. Our technical expertise in creating these parts and our ability to manufacture in various profiles, sizes, design specifications, and premium materials enable us to provide custom seals and polymer sealing solutions to meet every customer’s unique needs. While these elements may seem small, they are vital to avoiding equipment failure and extending MTBF.


Chesterton industrial lubricant solutions are carefully engineered to extend equipment life, improve plant efficiency, and reduce overall running costs for plants.​​​​ These high-performance industrial greases, oils, pastes, and compounds are designed to protect against corrosion while extending bearing life and reliability. The lubrication process can also be automated with the Chesterton LubriCup to ensure equipment is never over or under-lubricated due to human error or a maintenance mistake. Too much or too little lubrication are primary sources of early bearing and equipment failure which are best avoided. Doing so will extend equipment life and avoid breakdowns.

Discover the Chesterton Range

For more information on these solutions or any other product that would suit your water-related requirements, visit the Chesterton website or contact our team.

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