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When users need the utmost confidence in their level measurements in any condition, Pulsar Measurement can provide peace of mind with a product that maximises benefits and minimises lifetime costs.

When users need the utmost confidence in their level measurements in any condition, Pulsar Measurement can provide peace of mind with a product that maximises benefits and minimises lifetime costs.

Pulsar Measurement has spent years optimising and perfecting its sensors to work in numerous industries. In a new development, the REFLECT 2-wire radar sensor is designed for applications needing high accuracy, in situations of high electrical or acoustic noise, in digesters, and even in turbulent foamy applications.

The REFLECT 2-wire radar sensor provides accurate level or volume monitoring of liquids and solids in critical measurement applications, requiring minimal skills and human intervention. It outperforms products that, up until now, required frequent and costly manual intervention to validate measurement integrity.

FMCW radar technology

Using Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FMCW radar) technology, REFLECT transmits continuously, constantly varying the signal’s frequency. The frequency of the returning signal is compared to the signal being emitted at that moment. The difference between the two corresponds to the time the signal has taken to return. FMCW technology is the most accurate because of its narrower beam angle and, in most cases, more robust signal.

The operating frequency of 63GHz sits between most mid and high-frequency radar-level sensors in the market. One of the most important reasons for selecting this unique operating frequency is the susceptibility of 80GHz sensors to inaccuracies in measurement due to the traditional orientation of devices. Using 63GHz with REFLECTTILT (ensuring the sensor is mounted correctly), the Pulsar Measurement REFLECT mitigates any associated weaknesses in other operating frequencies.

The small internal antenna provides a compact design, ensuring that a flexible deployment can still give the operators opportunities to orient the REFLECT correctly.

Accurate, reliable, and robust radar sensors

The hermetically sealed Pulsar Measurement REFLECT level sensor requires no routine servicing. It can withstand harsh environments while maintaining accuracy in the presence of dust, temperature, moisture, pressure, and chemicals. The IP68 enclosure is dust-tight and watertight, even if submerged.

The narrow 6-degree beam angle and unique built-in DATEM echo processing software allow the sensor to focus on the true level. That provides users with accurate data to make optimal operational decisions. REFLECT is also compatible with HART communication protocol and DTM drivers.

An ally to ultrasonic technology

The REFLECT radar level sensor has been designed to support ultrasonic technology. Both technologies have their place in the world. Pulsar Measurement provides its clients with the choice of both, coupled with award-winning customer service and technical knowledge.

Unique and secure Bluetooth and web-based app

REFLECT uses a web-based app to change parameters, access trend reports, and view echo traces quickly and conveniently. The web-based app is accessible through any device (PC, Android, or iOS). Once the control app has loaded onto a device, users won’t need to worry about the signal. Using a web-based app also means there are no regular updates to install. Users only need to scan the QR code (supplied with each sensor), and they can begin using the sensor almost immediately.

Bluetooth is built into REFLECT as standard. Its range is user definable for added security and confidence, ensuring that only authorised users can access the device. Users can set the maximum signal range of each REFLECT to be between 4 and 40 m, depending on the size of the user’s facility. Users also have the option to disable the Bluetooth function for added security.

Ease of Installation

In ‘installation’ mode, REFLECTTILT ensures optimal measurement by using the built-in LEDs to signal when the sensor is level or giving the greatest signal strength. In ‘operation’ mode, these lights are used to indicate a change in measurement integrity and to provide confidence in the accuracy of the data.

REFLECTTILT utilises a NAMUR NE 107-based traffic light system. A red light means something needs to be addressed. An amber light is an early warning that something may not be right. A green light indicates that the device is working optimally.

REFLECT includes a patented BReez adaptor that is brand new and unique to Pulsar Measurement. Instead of threading the adaptor through lengths and lengths of cable, the BReez adaptor clamps to the top of the line and screws into the top of the sensor, making installation three times faster.

Designed predominantly for the water and wastewater sector, the compact one-piece construction of REFLECT radar sensors can be mounted easily via the 1” BSP rear thread and BReez adaptor or the optional 1.5” BSP front thread adaptor.

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