Protecting Victorian waterways

The Victorian Government has continued its commitment to providing funding for vital projects dealing with waterways and the State's water and wastewater industry.

The Victorian Government has continued its commitment to funding vital projects related to waterways and the State’s water and wastewater industry.

The Victorian Government knows how precious water is to local communities and economies, this Budget delivers $691 million towards critical water projects across Victoria.

That includes $270 million to restore waterways and wetlands across our state, improving access so more Victorians can enjoy swimming and on-water activities and $60 million to make the most of every drop, with water efficiency improvements for our rural and regional irrigation communities.

With $691 million of dedicated funding, the Victorian Government will continue investing in critical water projects, including:

  • $140 million to safeguard and improve water access by managing water entitlements, maintaining Victoria’s Water Register and monitoring water data.
  • $96 million to diversify Victoria’s water supplies and ensure schools, businesses and councils can use water efficiently.
  • $60 million to support water corporations, local councils, farmers and primary producers with grants to promote sustainable irrigation – and get the most out of every drop on farms.
  • $38 million to prepare for and manage floods, including strengthening flood warnings and forecasts.
  • $25 million for water grid planning.
  • $12 million to protect our water system against climate change.
  • $9.7 million to improve water infrastructure and restore high-value sites in the southern Murray-Darling Basin.

Minister for Water Harriet Shing said, “Water is our most precious resource – that’s why we’re investing in a secure water supply for every Victorian and helping communities and waterways adapt so they are better protected from extreme floods and droughts.”

Responding to and recovering from emergencies

Devastating bushfires, floods and natural disasters have become more common, and Victoria’s reliance on hardworking first responders will continue to grow.

This summer alone, the Victoria State Emergency Service responded to over 10,000 requests for assistance.

As Victoria confronts increasingly intense and rapidly changing weather conditions, the Government is not only helping communities rebuild—we’re investing to prepare for and respond to future natural disasters.

In this Budget, the Government is providing $302 million to support communities recently affected by catastrophic weather events. This includes repairs to schools, roads, and other infrastructure, as well as temporary accommodation, relief payments, and mental health support for residents who need help with the aftermath.

This Budget also invests in our future emergency management response with more than $50 million, including:

  • $25 million to support the State Control Centre, ensuring it can keep running as the heart of our emergency responses.
  • $9.5 million to ensure Victorians and emergency service organisations have the most up-to-date emergency information, advice and warnings.
  • $9.1 million for Life Saving Victoria to continue its critical water safety program, including rescue helicopter, watercraft and drone services.
  • $6.9 million to our State Emergency Service, backing the work of our incredible volunteers.

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