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Powell Industrial is the leading Australian-owned supplier of integrated industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings packages. Its branches nationwide support its customer base with an extensive distribution and supply network.

Powell Industrial is one of the leading Australian-owned suppliers of integrated industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings packages. Its branches nationwide support its customer base with an extensive distribution and supply network.

Powell is a leading supplier of industrial hoses, fittings, and associated products in Australia. With a nationwide presence, the company has provided high-quality solutions to diverse industries for over 40 years.

Its product range includes a wide variety of hydraulic hoses, fittings, adaptors, and accessories. Powell also can manufacture custom-made hose assemblies to suit any application. Its industrial range of goods includes both rubber and PVC hose. They also have a full range of couplings and clamps to do any job, both big and small.

In addition to its extensive product range, Powell has a team of experienced technical sales representatives who can provide advice and support on product selection, installation, and maintenance. They also offer on-site hose assembly and testing services. Powell provides training and certification programs for hose assembly manufacturing.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and quality products, Powell has built a strong reputation as a trusted supplier in the Australian industrial market.

Powell’s powerful product range

Powell has yet to rest on its laurels in providing high-quality products for many industries nationwide. There are hoses made of different materials, which means that every industry can find a hose that’s right for their application.

A perfect example of that is PVC and polyurethane hoses. It’s common to see these hoses used to move air, water, and chemicals within the water and wastewater treatment industry, among many other sectors.

Powell Industrial provides Optima PVC industrial hoses. Optima hose has been used in the industry for many years and has been the product of choice in the dewatering and wastewater markets. However, did you know that Powell also supplies Optima layflat hose, which has gained significant market share over the past five years?

“We have seen a real shift towards companies wanting to buy our assembled product. Therefore, we have changed our stocking profile to ensure we have ready-to-go hose assemblies for those urgent jobs that creep up occasionally,” said Matt Pembroke, Powell’s National Sales Manager – Industrial.

Dewatering is important for Powell

Powell is a significant player in the dewatering industry by offering a range of high-quality hoses, fittings, and associated products. Dewatering removes water from solid material or soil by filtration, centrifugation, or other means. Its hoses, fittings and other products are specifically designed for dewatering applications.

The layflat hoses provided by Powell are designed for dewatering applications, made of various substances. By offering assemblies with male and female Bauer couplings, the hoses are easy to use and can be used on almost any site. It also has a crimped solution for layflat hose assemblies, a new and innovative approach. Users can now do away with bandit strapping. Powell’s crimping solution provides a much better fitment method and almost completely eradicated assembly failures on layflat hoses.

“The crimped solution offered by Powell has been market leading and a great initiative to the troublesome bandit strapped hose assemblies,” said Pembroke. “We offer these layflat hoses pre-crimped in 20-metre lengths as an off-the-shelf solution to the dewatering industry.”

The Exitflex suction hoses are among the range of suction and delivery hoses designed for standard dewatering activities. They are highly flexible compared to traditional water suction hoses, feature soft ‘cuffed’ ends so the couplings can be easily attached, and feature easy-to-handle lengths.

“The cuffed ends on the Exitflex suction hose allow for much greater compression and a better fitment method compared to standard water suction hose. We offer these as pre-made 3 and 6-metre assemblies off the shelf to ensure the contractor can quickly get to the site and install them at a moment’s notice,” said Pembroke.

Powell Industrial hoses and couplers

It’s not just the hoses that are important for dewatering. The water and wastewater industry needs the right couplings and clamps. Having the right quick-release couplings and hose clamps ensures the best outcomes for the end user.

Bauer-type couplings can be quickly and easily assembled. They have three manual movements providing a leakproof connection in suction and pressure applications of up to 20 BARS. Similarly, the spherical construction of the ball and socket joint ensures that the seal is equally efficient, even with an angular deviation of up to 30 degrees.

“Bauer couplings have been around for many years and are an industry standard coupling across most sites,” said Pembroke. “There are also several different adaptors available. They include 45 and 90-degree elbows, Y pieces, T pieces, reducers, and enlargers. The variety of adaptors makes sure you can keep the job going.”

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