Murray River water allocation open at 100 per cent

South Australian Murray River water users will start the water year with 100 per cent of their allocation due to recent good inflows.

South Australian Murray River water users will start the water year with 100 per cent of their water allocation due to good inflows over the past three months.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Susan Close said, “I’m pleased that the state’s water users will begin this water year with the security of a full allocation.”

The wet conditions have boosted Murray-Darling Basin storage to 94 per cent of its capacity, 27 per cent above the long-term average for the end of June.

In line with the Murray River Water Allocation Plan, private carryover will not be available in 2022/23 as the projected minimum opening allocations announced on 14 April 2022 was greater than 50 per cent.

Water allocation in South Australia full

Close said, “Much of our state’s prosperity and environmental sustainability comes from the Murray River, so our government is committed to making the Murray River a priority for South Australia again.”

Recent rains also mean irrigators won’t need to draw as much water from the River as they would in dryer periods.

But despite the recent rains, South Australia has only received two gigalitres of the 450GL promised under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

If our natural environment is to survive the next drought, we need the 450GL promised under the Plan, which is enshrined in federal legislation.

Close said, “I also look forward to working with the Albanese Government to deliver the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in full, including the final 450GL.”

The South Australian Government is poised to honour its election commitment to deliver on its plan to save the Murray River, including appointing a commissioner for the River Murray in SA.

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