Murray–Darling Basin Community Committee expands

Six new members will join the Murray–Darling Basin Community Committee (BCC) in April 2024 following an exhaustive selection process.

Six new members will join the Murray–Darling Basin Community Committee (BCC) in April 2024 following a comprehensive selection process involving all Basin governments.

Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) Chair Sir Angus Houston congratulated new and continuing members on their appointments, and recognised the BCC’s vital contribution to ensure community voices are heard at the highest levels of Basin water management.

“The BCC provides independent community advice to both the MDBA and the Ministerial Council on a range of water management issues within one of Australia’s largest river systems,” Sir Angus said.

“With the implementation of the Basin Plan through to 2027, ongoing input from the BCC will help to further the outcomes for healthy rivers, the environment and the communities that rely upon them.

“The renewed membership and continuing involvement of BCC members will also aid in broad awareness and community involvement in the MDBA’s 2026 Basin Plan Review – ensuring that community aspirations and concerns are duly considered in the future framework for managing the Basin.

“I extend my gratitude to the outgoing members Neil Martinson, Phil Duncan, Sue Rudd and Sam Coulton for their invaluable contributions across their appointments and welcome new members to the BCC.”

The BCC convenes face-to-face at least three times annually in Basin locations and maintains regular engagements with community and industry groups to cultivate a holistic perspective across the Basin.

Comprising a Chair and up to 16 members, the committee includes individuals selected for their expertise or interest in water use, water management, First Nations water, and local government matters.

Details of the current BCC membership and future changes to membership are available online at Basin Community Committee.

An expression of interest and nomination process for vacancies on the BCC commenced on 30 March 2023. An independent panel convened to review and recommend membership to the Authority.

The BCC is an advisory committee under the Water Act 2007 (Cth), and members are appointed by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.

Basin Community Committee Membership From 1 April 2024

New members:

  • Rosalie Auricht
  • Johanna Brighenti
  • Jonathon Howard
  • Kate McBride
  • John Pettigrew
  • John Shannon


  • Ed Fessey
  • Rachel Kelly [chair]
  • Sam O’Toole
  • Adrian Weston

Continuing members:

  • Feli McHughes
  • Warren Jacobs
  • Emelia Sudholz
  • Mike Gilby
  • Alice Williams
  • Andrew Drysdale
  • Susan Madden [Authority Member]

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