Melbourne Water & ABC Education improve national water literacy

As we recognise World Water Day, Melbourne Water and ABC Education are working together to help improve water literacy levels in schools nationwide.

As we recognise World Water Day, Melbourne Water and ABC Education are working together to help improve water literacy levels in schools nationwide.

To mark the day, Melbourne Water has developed The Story of Water video series, a nationally accredited, curriculum-aligned program available to teachers and aimed at primary and secondary school children.

World Water Day is one of the most important days on the global calendar. It asks us to think about water as a valued commodity and determine what we can do to protect and enhance water storage and make every drop count.

For Melbourne Water and ABC Education, the Story of Water video series will help students better understand our climate, where our water comes from, what really happens when the toilet is flushed, and the role we can all play in protecting this critical resource.

“This is such an exciting initiative; we’ve taken a kids-teaching-kids approach to encourage students to research, discuss, consider, and engage with water in ways they have never thought of before,” Melissa Cordy, Melbourne Water Manager Water Literacy, said.

“This will teach students that water is valuable and finite and help them understand the important role they can play in ensuring we have enough water today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.”

Water literacy curriculum covers everything

Created by Melbourne Water, the water video series covers all aspects of water, from the urban and natural water cycle to wastewater treatment to waterways and how climate influences water to foster water literacy.

The curriculum includes lesson ideas, diagrams, infographics, and worksheets aimed at teachers. The short films are fronted by children, and the story comes to life with animations to engage students—including a new Water Cycle Rap.

“ABC Education is committed to providing top-quality free resources for Australian primary teachers. This series is a great example of accessible science resources backed by experts. Cool facts for kids about the importance of water—straight from the source,” ABC Education’s Head, Annabel Astbury, said.

“The Story of Water series is created for Australian kids, helping them understand our country’s unique water delivery, storage and wastewater treatment approach.”

The Story of Water series is spearheaded by four films:

  • The Water Cycle focuses on where our drinking water comes from, the continuous movement of water around the Earth and how it arrives at our taps;
  • Wastewater Treatment looks at what happens to wastewater after it leaves the home and how it is treated and recycled;
  • Water and Waterways explains how our stormwater drainage system works and the impact on our waterways and;
  • Water, Weather and Climate teach students how global warming affects all aspects of water, the water cycle, and the impact of severe weather events.

While Melbourne Water’s core responsibilities include supplying clean drinking water, treating wastewater, and maintaining the health of Melbourne rivers, creeks and water catchments, it is also committed to education.

It offers a range of free teacher resources, classroom activities, suggested excursions and links to other materials to educate students across all year levels on water, the water cycle, our local waterways and environmental conservation.

The Water Story of Water series can be found on the ABC Education website as well as the Melbourne Water website: The Story of Water | Melbourne Water

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