Knowby: mobile apps rethink instruction access

At IWN, we are always looking for opportunities to use new innovative technologies and new ways of thinking to streamline and simplify how we do things across the water industry. Mobile apps could be the next step.

At Intelligent Water Networks (IWN), we always seek opportunities to use new innovative technologies and new ways of thinking to streamline and simplify how we do things across the water industry. The Knowby mobile app could be the next step.

In our February Webinar, IWN featured the Knowby Pro app. It is a powerful mobile solution that reengineers how we use & access instructions at work.

The Knowby Pro app is designed to make task instruction sharing easy and effective. It allows field staff to access and execute work instructions efficiently. Users can create and communicate clear and concise task instructions through its user-friendly interface. These instructions include images, videos, and audio recordings. It ensures that staff can access all relevant information to complete the task successfully.

The Knowby Pro instruction and productivity app was recently trialled by one of IWN’s member organisations. The intention was to test how the app might enhance their ability to share accurate and easy-to-use instructions with field staff. The trial assessed the app’s ability to streamline task instructions and enable efficient team communication. It would thereby improve productivity and safety in the field.

By leveraging Knowby Pro, the water authority hoped to reduce the time and effort it takes to create and distribute task instructions, minimise errors, and ensure that staff have all the information required to complete tasks correctly while still meeting information governance requirements. This is essential in the field where accurate and precise task execution is critical, and even small mistakes can have a significant impact.

Positive outcomes from Knowby mobile app trial

The trial showed promising results. Using the app reduced the time taken to create and distribute task instructions significantly. Furthermore, staff could now access all relevant information and execute tasks more efficiently and safely. Knowby Pro also enabled real-time communication, allowing staff to provide feedback, ask questions, clarify instructions and record when work has been completed, improving the overall quality and auditability of work.

This early success appears to support Knowby Pro’s ability to improve productivity and safety, making it a viable solution for organisations seeking to support their field staff’s performance. It also demonstrated its usability through an easy-to-use and friendly interface in this initial trial. Knowby continues working with our member organisations to fine-tune and build a tool that meets operational and governance requirements.

As a result of this initial trial with Knowby, we are now seeking the opportunity further to test this technology with other member water corporations. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at

Finally, at IWN, we always look for exciting new ideas that could change how we operate within the water industry. We want to hear from you in whatever field you come from, whatever area your innovation operates in.

If it can:

  • save time
  • change thinking
  • increase efficiency, improve our safety & the environment or;
  • help the Victorian water industry work together, better and stronger …

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