Keep safe with the K-Magnaplug

Kinder Australia has the K-Magnaplug, a highly visible product that is optimal for emergency responses and spill containment.

Kinder Australia has the K-Magnaplug, a highly visible product that is optimal for emergency responses and spill containment.

Steel is a conventional and dependable material for equipment. That equipment might be silos, chutes, bins, and hoppers. Steel can also be subject to abrasion, allowing holes to form over time.

“In a tank, it might be corrosion. There might be wear on an elbow in a pipe or pressure when the pipe changes direction,” said Sean Kinder, Business Development Manager at Kinder Australia. “These situations all lead to accelerated wear and potential spills.”

Operators find that valuable products are lost in spillage. This is especially concerning if the material is hazardous to persons or the environment. Repairs must be performed quickly and effectively to plug leaks.

K-Magnaplug solves the problem

The K-Magnaplug is a reusable magnetic polymer patch. It provides a cost-effective and instant repair method for steel equipment. This highly visible product is a quick and secure means of repairing holes in steel pipes, elbows, silos, chutes, bins, hoppers, and other steel equipment. It is suitable for emergency response and spill containment.

Using a rubber pad on the inside against the area to be sealed, the K-Magnaplug provides a quick and efficient solution to leaks. It allows users to maintain their production schedules until a scheduled permanent repair date. The wear pads can support almost any medium.

Key features

The K-Magnaplug is a reusable magnetically fastened polymer patch. It is a compact solution that covers holes in steel equipment instantly. The solution is safe and recommended for emergencies. It combines tough and powerful magnetic technology with a high wear-resistant engineered polymer skin. FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) is available if required.

They are easy to install and apply to any steel surface. There is no need for tools to use the K-Magnaplug, as it simply snaps on and off as needed. The immediate application of the K-Magnaplug ensures minimal production disruption. Corrective maintenance can be planned efficiently and cost-effectively.

It is reusable and provides a fast and efficient solution to leaks, allowing the user to replace as required to keep production going until a scheduled permanent repair date.

It uses a rubber pad on the inside against the area to be sealed. New wear pads are available to resist any medium requiring sealing. No tools or specialised training is necessary for K-Magnaplug as it simply “snaps” on and off.

Benefits of K-Magnaplug

“With the K-Magnaplug, you don’t have to wait – you just apply the magnetic patch,” Kinder said. “It means you don’t need to use straps, bolts, or welding to secure the patch. It’s much faster to apply.”

Any site with steel fittings and equipment will have peace of mind with K-Magnaplug ready. Users can be confident that clean-up and downtime drops while keeping operators safe.

With its high chemical resistance, flexibility and magnetic strength, the seal remains locked, allowing a site to continue operations as usual. Installation is a key advantage of the K-Magnaplug.

While the K-Magnaplug is not a permanent solution, the high magnetic pressure allows it to withstand regular operations.

By preventing hazardous and production-impacting leakages, the K-Magnaplug provides a safer and more immediate solution to keep sites up and running.

“Due to the high pressures the K-Magnaplug can withstand, it means that potentially the piece of equipment can remain online and operational,” Kinder said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean, in all cases, the site needs to be shut down in the short term. Most people would put it on until they can schedule more permanent repairs to the pipe or tank structures.”

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