Kallipr launch hyper-scale sewer monitoring project

IoT specialists Kallipr partner with Sydney Water in Australia’s first hyper-scale sewer monitoring IoT deployment

IoT specialists Kallipr partner with Sydney Water in Australia’s first hyper-scale sewer monitoring IoT deployment

IoT specialists Kallipr, formerly mIoT, have partnered with Sydney Water to digitise their sewers in the first hyper-scale IoT deployment outside of water meter monitoring in Australia.

The agreement will see Sydney Water install over 15,000 Captis by Kallipr IoT devices across sewer and wastewater infrastructure over the next 16 months.

Installing the Captis IoT devices will allow Sydney Water to build on its highly successful wastewater management project. It is driving the digitisation of its existing sewer networks and allowing for proactive management of blockage events within the wastewater infrastructure.

The Captis devices are IoT data loggers attached to sensors installed on existing sewer infrastructure. They frequently send back data readings. These data readings are pre-configured to trigger an alarm when certain thresholds are met to indicate a potential blockage. These alarms allow Sydney Water to act on the issue before a wastewater overflow occurs.

Sydney Water required the chosen IoT devices to work reliably in the very challenging environment of a sewer access chamber and have a significant communication network, protocols and security in place.

Hyper-scale sewer monitoring perfect for Captis devices

The Captis devices are IP68 rated and can withstand high humidity and water immersion. The 5+ year battery life reduces the need for maintenance and site visits significantly. The Captis devices can reliably and securely record and send data from remote and difficult-to-access areas by operating on the NB-IoT network.

The alerts from the Captis devices before an issue occurs have two significant benefits for Sydney Water. It provides an improved environment and waterway health around Sydney. By introducing a more effective way of managing wastewater blockages, there’s a substantial reduction in maintenance and resource costs for the utility.

Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr, says, ‘Sydney Water have been early adopters of IoT solutions. We already see results in significant event detection and prevention of environmental incidents. The Captis device is a proven solution across their infrastructure. We’re pleased we can help them continue to enhance industry evolution and positively change the world we live in.’

Over 8,000 IoT devices are already installed across Sydney’s wastewater networks. About 370 potential blockages were detected and acted on before an overflow eventuated.

Most blockages are caused by tree roots penetrating pipes or access chambers. Grease and wet wipes also contribute to blockage build-up.

The 15,000 additional Captis devices will allow for further connectivity of their network. They will give Sydney Water the data they need to continue to improve waterway health around Sydney.

About Kallipr:

Kallipr (formerly known as mIoT) designs and manufactures a range of world-leading, innovative IoT solutions and devices that allow for better measurement and monitoring of data. Established in 2017 and based in Australia, Kallipr’s IoT Captis devices are used in industries such as water utilities, rail, mining and commercial. They are designed to increase business efficiencies, save resources and create a more sustainable future. Kallipr is Microsoft Azure certified.

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