K-Magnaseal keeps liquids with magnetic seal

A magnetic seal is a fast, easy, and environmentally conscious way to stop leaks in their tracks. Kinder Australia provides an insight into its unique technology.

A magnetic seal is a fast, easy, and environmentally conscious way to stop leaks in their tracks. Kinder Australia provides an insight into its unique technology.

In Australia’s intense environmental conditions, holes, punctures, and abrasions can appear on most metallic infrastructure. Whether your industry involves minerals, corrosive materials, or water does not matter. There will be leaks due to general wear and tear.

It can take a lot of time to repair and replace equipment, even with a proper and predictive maintenance schedule. Permanent solutions often require equipment or plant shutdowns, inhibiting the full use of the facilities.

Kinder Australia has a solution that provides a medium-term solution, filling the gap between a permanent repair without a plant shutdown. The product in question is their K-Magnaseal solution.

The K-Magnaseal, in its Leak Patch and Drain Cover solution, can prevent many hazards that present risks to an operation if not addressed.

The K-Magnaseal Drain Cover is made to be flexible, ultra-thin, highly chemical resistant and available in four sizes. If a leak is not patched up, the biggest risks are to staff and the environment. Those risks can be avoided with the K-Magnaseal.

“Rapid and simple to apply, this sealing solution protects the responder by minimising direct contact and exposure with leaking hazardous materials,” said Sean Kinder, the company’s Business Development Manager. “As well as minimising human exposure to the leaking chemical, it also protects against catastrophic environmental exposure and loss of valuable product.”

About K-Magnaseal and their magnetic seal

The K-Magnaseal Leak Patch can hold 25 PSI of pressure at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. There are five different sizes suitable for nearly any situation.

No tools are required to fit the K-Magnaseal Leak Patch, allowing it to be magnetically ‘snapped’ on and off.

“Imagine you have a tank filled with acid that suffers from a leak. If you wanted to weld something over the hole, you would have to drain the tank before welding,” said Kinder.

“Safety is a key part of our business. That is why we developed the K-Magnaseal Leak Patch. You can use a rod or a pole to apply the patch, even a broom handle. The straps on each corner make it easy to hook up and attach. There is no need for staff to get close to the leak,” said Kinder.

This safety-first approach keeps staff safe, as they can stay from hazardous materials or high-pressure liquids.

How the K-Magnaseal works

Patented rare earth magnets and urethane material combine to make up the K-Magnaseal. It protects the magnet from direct heat, cracking, rusting, sparking or anything that may cause additional risks.

The K-Magnaseal solution implements a reusable wear-repairing magnetic patch that can provide a temporary fix for a worn-out area on metallic equipment. It prevents common causes of wear in processing plants in all industries and is effective against solid bulk leaks. There is almost no limit to the shape that the K-Magnaseal can adapt to, including steel pipes, elbows, silos, chutes, bins, and hoppers.

With its high chemical resistance, flexibility and magnetic strength, the seal remains locked, allowing a site to continue operations as usual. Installation is a key advantage of the K-Magnaseal. There is no need to wait – staff need to apply the magnetic patch.

The K-Magnaseal is not recommended as a permanent solution. There is no need to use straps, bolts or welding to secure it. It attaches in seconds. However, it allows for the continuation of regular operations until a permanent solution can be used.

Many industries have welcomed the development of the K-Magnaseal.

“Word of mouth and video demonstrations have been key to landing some of our biggest customers. We had many customers use them in response to on-site emergencies. Honestly, having this many happy customers recommend us to their colleagues is great for us,” said Kinder.

The K-Magnaseal range is designed to prevent hazardous and production-impacting leakages. It provides a safe and more immediate solution to keep operations running.

For more information, visit https://kinder.com.au/products/k-magnaseal/

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