Itron expands production of Aquadis+ volumetric water meters

Itron's Aquadis+ volumetric water meters streamline delivery processes and reduce environmental impact to better serve East Asian markets.

Itron’s Aquadis+ volumetric water meters streamline delivery processes and reduce environmental impact to better serve East Asian markets.

Itron, Inc. is innovating how utilities and cities manage energy and water. It is expanding the production of Itron’s’ Aquadis+ volumetric water meter to Southeast Asia. The meter, also manufactured in France, is now being manufactured in Itron’s’ manufacturing facility in Cikarang, Indonesia. Expanding the manufacture of the Aquadis+ water meters to Asia will better serve Itron customers and meet the growing Aquadis+ water meter demand in Asia Pacific countries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Aquadis+ volumetric water meter has proven to be a long-term performance meter that is highly efficient and maximizes accuracy in measuring water volumes. Aquadis+ is smart metering ready, allowing utilities to mount Cyble communication modules seamlessly and conveniently. The meter is designed to maintain accuracy and allows easy cleaning, ensuring reliability in its operations. Among its many benefits, the Aquadis+ protects utility revenue over its lifespan due to its high accuracy, even at low flow rates.

Itron is enhancing customer service and sustainability with Aquadis+ by beginning to manufacture the meter in Itron’s’ Indonesia facility. This facility already manufactures 2 million other Itron water meters a year and can further increase production to 3.5 million Itron water meters a year. Producing Aquadis+ closer to Itron’s’ Asia Pacific customers increases pricing adaptability and reduces the environmental impact of delivering the water meters.

“Manufacturing the Aquadis+ water meter in Southeast Asia reinforces Itron’s’ commitment to our customers in the region,” said Paul Nelsen, vice president of sales, APAC at Itron. “This is an important step to achieve faster turnaround time for delivery and service of the water meters and allows us to reduce freight costs, adapt quickly to local requirements and fully utilize the ASEAN Free Trade Area.”

“With more than 20 million units of Aquadis+ volumetric water meters installed globally, local production significantly reduces the shipping journey, improving time to delivery for our customers and minimizing the environmental impact associated with transportation,” said Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron. “This volumetric water meter ensures accuracy, reliability and adaptability to various installation scenarios. The meter also enables digitization during installation or as customers transition to smart metering. We are thrilled to expand our Aquadis+ water meter manufacturing locations to include Asia.”

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