Investing in waterways across South Australia

The South Australia State Government has announced substantial environmental investment that will benefit national parks and the River Murray.

The South Australia State Government has announced a substantial environmental investment that will benefit national parks, animal welfare, and the River Murray.

The 2024-25 State Budget includes $139 million in new measures

Budget Measures

$11 million of funding in 2024-25 will be spent on initial levee remediation works in the Lower River Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Area damaged in the 2022-23 flood.

A further $26.3 million will be spent over five years to support River Murray operations, maintenance and monitoring programs to help sustain the ongoing health of the river system and surrounding environments. This includes $4.8 million in 2023-24 on the State’s new water licensing system and register called mywater, a 24/7 online water management system and customer portal. The new system will assist growers, irrigators, water traders, brokers, financiers, bore drillers and dam builders in managing more than $8 billion in water assets.

In a boon for local environments, another $6.5 million a year will be allocated to ensure vulnerable biodiversity is protected when making planning decisions. This will rise to $7.9 million a year by 2027-28. The money will fund investments in conservation science, data collection, and mapping capability to support decisions regarding the transition to renewable energy, fire and emergency management, economic development, and conservation investment. This will bolster the State’s green economic credentials and strengthen our response to climate change.

Adelaide’s beach sand management program will receive a $20.6 million boost this financial year to address erosion and sand drift through upscaled sand replenishment and the completion of a dredging trial, ensuring our metro beaches are protected and improved.

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A strong, sustainable environment is vital for all South Australians.

We need to invest in and protect our resources today so that future generations can enjoy and benefit from them.

These investments are also important for our economy, jobs and tourism.

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This Budget provides much-needed investment in our State’s iconic parks, waterways and other important environments.

It ensures our beloved metropolitan beaches are properly managed and protected from sand drift and erosion impacts.

Our investment in the River Murray, the Coorong, and other lakes and wetlands will ensure that birds and aquatic life continue to have the habitat they need, particularly as we face drier conditions and climate change.

By improving how we collect data, undertake mapping and capture imagery, we will be able to improve the environmental assessment process for industry and better understand where we direct conservation investment.

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