Hunter Water doubles water supply with trunkmain duplication

Hunter Water has significantly enhanced the reliability of water supply infrastructure, installing a three-kilometre water trunk main in Black Hill.

Hunter Water has significantly enhanced the reliability of the water supply infrastructure by installing a three-kilometre water trunk main in Black Hill.

The upgrade has not only bolstered water supply capabilities by increasing supply from Black Hill 1 Reservoir, but it has also brought a flood of benefits, ensuring a more reliable and efficient water service for the community.  

Hunter Water Group Manager Asset Solutions Justin Watts says the upgrades will help ensure the infrastructure continues to operate safely and reliably and accommodate population growth. 

“The Black Hill Trunkmain Duplication Project marks a significant milestone in our commitment to ensuring a resilient and sustainable water supply for the communities we serve.   

“These improvements will accommodate future growth in the Cameron Park area and fortify water reliability in Maryland, Fletcher, and Minmi by providing a new pipeline linked with our bulk water supply network. 

“By duplicating the existing infrastructure, we are not only preparing for future growth but also strengthening our ability to deliver reliable water services,” Watts said.  

The duplicate pipeline was constructed from John Renshaw Drive to Black Hill, all within the confines of the existing pipeline corridor, significantly increasing supply from the Black Hill 1 Reservoir. 

“To complete this work, our Hunter Water crews completed trenching and under-boring along the new pipeline route. This is all while working closely with the local community to minimise the impact of the construction. 

“These upgrades are a crucial component of Hunter Water’s overarching program aimed at the replacement and enhancement of water and wastewater-related assets throughout our area of operations,” Watts said. 

Another water main project about to start involves replacing 1.4 kilometres of pipeline between O’Connells Road and Reflection Drive in Louth Park. This pipeline replacement will improve water efficiency and prevent leaks.  

These upgrades are part of an extensive work program to improve regional assets. By replacing aging infrastructure, Hunter Water can ensure a steady and efficient water supply for customers, creating a sustainable water future for all.  

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