Goat track no more – now a magic mile in Melbourne

Melbourne Water has transformed a goat track into a new shared user path in Melbourne’s east. It's enhancing liveability around pipe tracks.

Melbourne Water has transformed a goat track into a new 1.5km shared user path in Melbourne’s east.

Now, cyclists and pedestrians can easily travel along the path between Rooks Road in Mitcham and the corner of Canterbury and Springvale Roads in Forest Hill. It’s another way that Melbourne Water is enhancing the liveability of its pipe tracks.

The project is part of Melbourne Water’s huge, completed $68 million water mains renewal project between Mitcham and Syndal. This project saw ageing sections of the M22 and M46 water mains, which were 90 to 100 years old and nearing the end of their service life, replaced.

Melbourne Water has collaborated closely with the local community on the new path. The community’s input was invaluable in shaping the path’s design and features. We worked on planting, seating, and creating a more enjoyable, user-friendly space.

Families have also been eager to take advantage of the new pathway, including a fresh commute to the nearby Mount Pleasant Road Primary School.

“The path provides residents with an exciting opportunity to keep healthy and active, socialise or simply immerse themselves in nature,” Melbourne Water Senior Project Manager Luis Plata Rueda said. “We hope this new pathway will inspire more outdoor activities and foster a stronger sense of community among the residents.”

The aim was to provide a safer and more sustainable route, and the former goat track is now a state-of-the-art pathway.

“The path has been constructed using eco-mesh made from 100% recycled plastic, delivering an environmentally friendly, lower carbon concrete complete with glow-in-the-dark line-marking,” said Rueda. “We have prioritised safety and sustainability in every aspect of this project, ensuring that the community can enjoy the path with peace of mind.”

Native grasses and ground covers are currently being planted alongside the path. Additionally, exciting plans are underway to create a ‘woody meadow’ at the corner of Mount Pleasant Road and Lorikeet Street in Nunawading. This will contribute to a colourful and attractive landscape along the path as Melbourne Water’s way of making life better, healthier, safer, more enjoyable, and enriching for the community.

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