Empowering the water skid: unleash the potential of digitalisation!

Do you need an industrial controller integrated water skids kit? ifm can help you make the most of your treatment plant.

Discover how ifm’s cutting-edge solutions transform water skids into smart, connected systems. From real-time diagnostics to cost-effective performance enhancements, digitise to redefine efficiency and quality. Dive into the future of water treatment with a water skid kit!

In today’s landscape of rising labor costs, ifm’s cutting-edge filtration skid solution offers a game-changing advantage: cost reduction. By leveraging an 8-port IO link master, connecting to M12 cables becomes effortless. This master can seamlessly interface with digital, analogue, or IO link-enabled sensors – eliminating the need for a separate cabinet.

In addition, the ifm mobile-rated HMI/PLC, a compact 4.3-inch unit, boasts a powerful dual-core 64-bit, 1.4 GHz processor. It can be programmed by using the free Codesys software available through ifm.

According to Ronel Lal, ifm industry specialist for the water and wastewater industry, ifm are offering an industrial controller water skid kit, complete with interconnecting cables for “the attractive price of $1300 (excl. GST)”.

Discover efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate your water facility with not only our innovative water skid solutions, but also our friendly and supportive team of experts at ifm,” says Ronel. “Contact us today to discover how we can help with your application!”

For more information, visit the ifm website https://www.ifm.com/au

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