Editorial: Screens and filters suppliers & manufacturers wanted

Are you looking for the opportunity to promote your filters and screens to a captive audience from the water and wastewater industry? Here's the chance!

Are you looking for the opportunity to promote your filters and screens to a captive audience from the water and wastewater industry? Here’s the chance!

Filters and screens play a vital role in the water industry, helping to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water, wastewater treatment, and industrial water supplies. Filters and screens protect public health and infrastructure by removing contaminants such as sediment, debris, and microorganisms. It also helps conserve water resources.

A wide range of filters and screens are available, each with unique advantages and applications. Screens are typically used to remove large particles from water before those particles enter filtration.

The water industry is constantly evolving, and new filter and screen technologies are always emerging. For example, nanotechnology is used to develop new filter materials that can remove even the smallest contaminants. And self-cleaning filters are becoming increasingly popular, as they can reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

As the water industry faces new challenges, such as climate change and population growth, the importance of filters and screens will continue to grow. By investing in high-quality filters and screens, water utilities can ensure that they provide their customers with safe and clean water while protecting their infrastructure and conserving water resources.

What does this mean?

If you are a company that manufactures or sells filters and screens, advertising in a business-to-business magazine dedicated to the water industry is a great way to reach your target audience.

This is the perfect opportunity to advertise your business to a targeted audience of decision-makers. Our magazine reaches thousands of CEOs and MDs each year, and our advertising rates are competitive.

The November/December edition will contain the following unique features: Sludge Disposal, Young Professionals, CEO/Managing Director Year in Review, Pipes, Industry Insight and Water Associations. More is to come as the edition comes together.

What does Inside Water offer?

A full-page marketing package includes.

  • Full-page advertisement (ad material to be supplied)
  • Editorial Feature to be written for you by the editor of Inside Water
  • Editorial Feature to appear in Inside Water’s e-newsletter, website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

Expressions of interest close on 18 October 2023. For more information, please contact:

Chelsea Daniel

Brand Manager, Inside Water


​+61 425 699 878

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