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HDD technology goes all terrain with the new Ditch Witch AT32 All Terrain Directional Drill, making your trenchless tunnelling easier.

HDD technology goes all terrain with the new Ditch Witch AT32 All Terrain Directional Drill, making your trenchless tunnelling easier.

Contractors, local councils, and water authorities around Australia often grapple with the challenge of trenchless tunnelling in any terrain. In urban settings, they need to deal with busy environments and the difficulty of managing noise. In rural settings, getting to the site can create a unique set of circumstances.

Two years ago, Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) became the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment. As a result, CEA has launched the AT32 All Terrain horizontal directional drill (HDD).

The AT32 enhances utility contractors’ productivity while drilling through hard rock. The newly designed mid-size drill replaces the AT30. They provide better power and easier system operation for increased operator efficiency and profitability.

Features of the Ditch Witch CEA AT32

The AT32 is designed with more power, stability, and advanced electronics. It features a 155-horsepower Cummins Diesel engine. It combines seamlessly with over 32,000 lb (14,500) kg of thrust and pullback and has increased rotational torque by 50% over the previous AT30. These features combine to ensure that AT32 has the power for efficient installations in any soil condition.

“It fills a gap in the mid-size HDD market, bringing full-size power to the job site without the full-size footprint,” said Jeff Davis, Ditch Witch HDD global product marketing manager.

“The result is an accessible, compact, and versatile machine that boosts productivity on various rural and urban job sites.”

“The new look AT32 replaces the outgoing AT30 model, offering significantly more power and efficiency advancements in a similar footprint,” Scott O’Hare, Ditch Witch Australia product manager, said. “The AT32 shares a common platform with existing next-generation models in the Ditch Witch line-up with features such as a new climate-controlled quiet cabin, increased power, thrust and torque, more onboard pipe, and a higher flow fluid pump.”

The unit also features a new rod loading system that allows operators to carry 137 metres of AT drill pipe on board. This is 30 per cent more than the AT30. Drillers can manually insert additional sticks of pipe when running low.

Benefits of new HDD technology

A higher-powered fluid pump helps contractors get the most out of their machine by providing 40 per cent more fluid flow to help operators stay productive on longer bores with larger diameters. It also improves efficiency with less wear and tear on downhole tooling.

A heavy-duty anchor system holds the operational position for more precise control in all soil conditions. The latest version in the all-terrain evolution also features 4,200 lb (5,694 Nm) of rotational torque to release new performance levels.

“CEA will also offer local HDD guidance and utility locator servicing for their Subsite Electronics products. In addition, CEA will also offer operator training via their Virtual Reality Simulator, based on these new HDD models. These are all important factors in the aftersales support in the drilling market,” said O’Hare.

The AT32 follows the same modern design evolution as the latest Ditch Witch directional drills to enhance operator comfortability and ease of operator use. The consistent design also makes it easy for current customers to step into the machine and become familiar with its controls, features, and operator platform, which boosts uptime.

Innovative HDD technology supports drillers

The two 7-inch LED screens to support a focused approach to drilling. At the same time, the Subsite Marksman + HDD Tracker has been designed for interference mitigation and avoidance, beacon performance, and ease of use. Better tracking results lead to better bores, providing improved performance at deeper depths.

The Marksman HDD Guidance System performs well in high-interference environments with a large range of frequencies in a single beacon. The tracker weighs 3.2 kg and has a battery life of up to 16 hours. It also comes with on-screen menus, graphics, and an integrated GPS.

“The AT32 is standard with an in-built screen for the Subsite Marksman +: the most advanced tracker in the Subsite Electronics line up. It also provides access to all the Subsite technology to minimise risks to owners and increase their efficiency and profitability,” says O’Hare.

“The new user interface is user friendly, offering the choice of different views, which will make it suitable for both new and existing Subsite customers.”

About Ditch Witch CEA

Ditch Witch CEA has a comprehensive line-up of directional drills, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, trenchers, vibratory ploughs and more available on the market. With impetus on power, the Ditch Witch range is curated to withstand extreme use.

Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) supplies equipment to many industries, from construction to agriculture and waste management. All machines are developed for their grunt, versatility, and ergonomics, backed by more than 70 years of expertise.

 Ditch Witch CEA has launched the AT32, with units available for order. Contact your local Ditch Witch CEA branch on 1300 788 757 for more information.

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