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34 Beaumont Road

Mount Kuring-Gai, NSW

GCM ENVIRO PTY LTD Visit website


Sale Price POA
Listing Type New
Stock Number S68
RefCode TA873093
Net engine power SAE Rated - kW399


TANA landfill compactors are reaching a minimum of 10% better compaction rate than any other landfill compactor on the market. Supported by actual customer results.

This highest rate of compaction is achieved by TANAs unique design: the rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the twin drums.

The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area. The waste trucks can drive safely and quickly to the tipping area for unloading with minimized risk of vehicle breakdowns caused by unevenly compacted ground.

Less driving, lower operating costs.

The advantage of the unique full-width twin drum design of a TANA compactor reduces the number of passes required from 6 to 4.
This creates savings both in time and fuel.
A four-wheeled compactor requires more passes to cover the same area to the wanted compaction rate as a TANA compactor.

Smart and efficient.

The TANA H Series offers the most advanced smart tools to increase efficiency even further.

You can also manage and track costs with TANA SMART SITE. Improve the operating efficiency by the optionally available TANA ProLoc® the operators own real-time operating efficiency navigator.

Value through better compaction

By achieving a better compaction rate, you can extend the landfills life expectancy by several years. Each additional year and month increases the value of the landfill.

Increase revenue

Better airspace management
TANA Compaction Guarantee: Minimum of 10% better compaction is not just words, we are ready to prove it.

Additional advantages:

Reduced fuel consumption
More efficient and faster operation means lower fuel consumption.
Several tests have proved that a TANA compactor can outperform the competitors by an 812% savings in fuel consumption.
The environmentally friendly eco-model with a Tier 4 final engine reduces fuel consumption up to 89% over Tier 3 engines.

Lower use of cover soil
A TANA compactors better compaction rate with a smoother surface reduces the use of cover soil by 50%