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113 Wisemans Ferry Road

Somersby, NSW

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Make OSA
Sale Price POA
Listing Type New
Stock Number S253
RefCode TA1137604


OSAs multifunction dual-cylinder shear is functional and versatile, able to perform a wide range of demolition tasks. Its 360° rotation allows for fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaw. Ideal for excavators with long arms and those not equipped with rotation device. Key features include:

1. Two hydraulic cylinders and 360° rotation
2. Hardox and Weldox structure
3. Regenerative installation available.

The MC series is by far the most universal attachment on the market today. The MC series can satisfy every type of demolition application due to the fact the heads are interchangeable so the unit can serve as a, Steel Sheer, Concrete Cutter or Concrete Pulveriser. This unit is the most sort after product globally.

The MC Series of Multifunction Rotating Shear have been manufactured with HARDOX 400 to resist wear and tear and they have a regenerative circuit for a fast opening and closing of the jaws. Hydraulic or Mechanical rotation (360°) gives precise positioning of the Cutting/crushing head in all working conditions. Concrete & Steel structure are demolished, pulverized and steel reinforcements are separated and compressed in minimal time. This efficient procedure results in a considerable reduction of dumping and transportation costs.

The wide jaws, large opening and quick closing time of the MC Series is another advantage giving you a high yield rate in the shortest time possible making the MC the most efficient and cost effective Multifunction attachment on the market.

The fully shielded cylinders of the MC are designed and built by OSA, this innovative new design cylinder along with the geometric design of the MC produces up to 430 ton of closing pressure, making the MC the most powerful Multifunction Rotating Shear/Pulveriser/Crusher on the market.

Structure entirely made in HARDOX and WELDOX;

The machine has twin fully shielded powerful cylinders;

Some models have a regenerative installation;

Hydraulic Rotation permits to the shear to make a 360° rotation in both directions to have a fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaws in any working condition.

Mechanical rotation: a clutching installation permits a continuous 360° rotation in both directions. It is ideal for excavators which do not have a rotation installation. Full Hardox structure

Most powerful closing pressures & quickest shear/Crusher/Pulverizer on the market.

Interchangeable Reo cutters.

It is particularly indicated for secondary demolition: it separates rods from concrete.

It is ideal for mixed demolitions: concrete and metallic structures.

It has been designed for cutting ferrous materials: structural steel, pipelines, tanks, sheets and ferrous carcasses.

It has been designed for primary demolition: demolition of concrete structures.

This kit permits to cut sheets on the ground and at the same time to demolish metallic tanks: precise cutting and without mistakes.


  • Suitable for excavators from 20ton-28ton
  • Crushing & Cutting forces of 230ton at the hinge and 95ton and the tip
  • New Generation replaceable tooth system for efficient cutting and eliminating the need to hard face jaws
  • Entirely built with HARDOX® & STRENX®, this unit weighs in at 1900kg
  • Interchangeable Tools, Steel Sheer Kit, Concrete Cutter/Crusher Kit & Pulveriser Kit
  • Interchangeable blades for precision cutting
  • Regenerative Speed Valve for fast acting jaws
  • O.S.A innovative PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) that protects the MC from high pressures
  • 360° hydraulic rotation with anti-shock valve
  • Optional Mechanical Rotation for excavators which do not have a hydraulic rotation circuit installation
  • Reversed technology fully shielded cylinders for extreme cutting forces
  • Most powerful closing pressures & quickest operating Shear/Crusher/Pulveriser on the market
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • 12 month factory warranty
  • BOSS ATTACHMENTS® & O.S.A 24-hour customer support

This Offer includes;
  • Carrier Mounting Plate
  • Hoses
  • Pre-Delivery

BOSS ATTACHMENTS offers a 12 month no Hassle Warranty on all our products. Our objective is to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rate and to supply a service experience that is second to none.

*Pictures May Depict Other Models in MC Series