Customer survey starts for Westernport Water

Customer survey starts for Westernport Water

Westernport Water is asking its customers to share their feedback as part of its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, to be conducted over the next few weeks.

A random sample of customers will receive a phone call to complete a 10-minute survey to share their thoughts on Westernport Water’s services.

Another set of customers will receive an email with an opportunity to complete an online version of the customer survey.

Customer surveys vital for water

Australian-based contractors Insync and TKW Research will conduct this year’s survey on behalf of Westernport Water and six other Victorian water corporations to save costs.

TKW Research will identify itself. They will not be selling any product or service.

More than two thousand customers across seven water corporations, including Westernport Water, will be asked to participate in a survey.

Quotes attributed to Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Dona Tantirimudalige

“Gaining insight into the customer experience allows us to identify whether we are meeting customer expectations for water and sewerage services.”

“We use the survey results to help shape our plans and outcomes and measure and improve our performance.”

“If a customer is contacted for feedback, they will be asked a range of questions about our products and services. I encourage them to be as honest as possible.”

“In addition to telephone surveys, we are making a short online survey via email available in the coming weeks.”

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