Temporary works, permanent impact with Coates

Darren Browne has established himself as an influential figure in temporary works engineering at Coates, providing valuable insights.

Darren Browne has established himself as an influential figure in temporary works engineering at Coates. Possessing a skill set that is both diverse and specialised, he has introduced valuable strategies and solutions that have enhanced both the team and projects at Coates.

“Originally from Ireland, I started as a graduate engineer for IBM about 17 years ago,” Browne says. His career experienced a marked shift when he joined Coates in Australia.

“I was really attracted to hydraulic shoring. When I found out Coates is the exclusive provider of this in Australia, I was really excited,” he shares.

Central to Browne’s responsibilities is the coordination of diverse project components. He acts as a key connector, aligning the customer’s technical requirements with operational feedback and hands-on insights from the installation crew.

“We visit sites a lot, and I have a lot of team meetings with our clients and also with the various consultants,” said Browne. “Often, builders focus more on the practical solution and its cost rather than the engineering intricacies.”

Coates temporary works making a permanent impact

Reflecting on Coates’ core values, Browne recalls an instance where he and his team exemplified the value of ‘being our best’. He highlights that his team provided a complex solution for a client within three weeks.

The solution called for a Super Strut spanning about 50 metres unsupported from plunge columns. It was the largest strut of this type to be used in the Asia Pacific. This was an opportunity to underscore Coates’ capability and reinforce client trust.

Navigating a successful career in engineering requires strategy and dedication, as Browne can attest. He emphasises the significance of a structured journey, advising newcomers, “Don’t skip steps in your career.”

“Building a strong foundation is pivotal. We start first by gaining the necessary knowledge and then by refining our skills,” Browne said.

With the right approach, coupled with dedication and the essential skill set, a promising career path—even at a leading company like Coates—becomes not just a possibility but an achievable reality.

On reflection of the collaborative culture at the organisation, Browne remarks, “We learn from each other and develop together.”

For a closer look at the effective work the engineering and solutions team are carrying out at Coates, explore Coates Engineering Solutions.

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