Celebrating World Wetlands Day

Today marks World Wetlands Day, a day to remember the importance of wetlands to our environment.

Today marks World Wetlands Day, a day to remember the importance of wetlands to our environment.

Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury said conserving wetlands in the ACT is vital for improving the quality of stormwater, providing habitat for native plants and animal species, as well as being important cultural sites of and offering beautiful places for recreation.

“Today is a great reminder for Canberrans about the importance of wetlands in our environment to improve water quality, support and enhance biodiversity, and provide recreation and amenity opportunities for local communities,” Minister Rattenbury said.

“As part of the ACT Government’s Healthy Waterways Program, 22 wetlands have been created since 2017 to remove harmful pollutants from stormwater before they flow into our lakes and ponds and contribute to problems like blue-green algal blooms. These wetlands have created biodiversity hubs that are removing nutrients from our stormwater while providing habitat for local species and providing beautiful and popular places for enjoying the outdoors.

“Three more Healthy Waterways projects are currently underway, including building a wetland in Belconnen, restoring a section of Tuggeranong Creek, and using water from a constructed stormwater pond to irrigate playing fields in Kambah.

“I acknowledge and thank all Canberrans, including those from local communities, park care groups and catchment groups who work tirelessly to protect, conserve, and enhance the ACT’s wetlands.

“Everyone can play a role in protecting the ACT’s wetlands by joining a local park care or catchment group to care for a local wetland, keeping your kerbside gutter clear of leaves and lawn clippings, and avoiding fertiliser and detergent run-off into stormwater systems.”

For more information on wetlands and other projects helping to protect our waterways, go to the ACT Healthy Waterways Program page on the Environment website.

Quote attributable to Jo Clay, Member for Ginninderra

“It’s been a privilege to lead work on landcare and protecting Canberra’s nature spots and waterways. I’m really glad to see this coming along and honoured to meet so many Canberrans day-to-day working to protect our waterways and habitat, from Emu Ridge to Kuringa to Lawson Grasslands and more.’

Quote attributable to Kathryn McGilp, Catchment Coordinator of the Ginninderra Catchment Group

“On this World Wetlands Day 2024, we celebrate the success of the ACT Healthy Waterways Program, a beacon of urban waterway management.

The transformation of Croke Place in Evatt from a barren exotic grassland to a thriving natural wetland highlights the program’s impact on biodiversity and community engagement.

This site is proof that dedicated efforts from the Government and Community can rejuvenate our natural landscapes, benefiting both the environment and local communities.”

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