Badgerys Creek project supported by kwik-ZIP

kwik-ZIP centralisers and spacers are solving production casing centralisation challenges throughout the pipeline industry.

kwik-ZIP centralisers and spacers are solving production casing centralisation challenges throughout the pipeline industry.

Late in 2022, Sydney Water and the West Region Delivery Team (WRDT) contracted Quickway for a water mains installation project. Quickway specialises in transport and utility infrastructure, having completed many projects around Australia. The project was centred on Elizabeth Drive in Badgerys Creek, a western Sydney suburb. The water main needed slip-lining of an 813mm outer diameter (mm OD) Steelmains Sintakote carrier pipe.

Quickway utilised kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers to facilitate the slip-lining over a 180-metre run to achieve this goal. The spacers were installed two metres apart along the length of the pipe, following Sydney Water specifications. When empty, the pipe weighs 240 kilograms per metre and about 700 kilograms per metre when in service.

“kwik-ZIP spacers provided both protection and cover for the carrier pipe. It allowed us to complete a successful underbore installation,” said Quickway project engineer Matthew Macinnes.

What is the HDX Series?

The HDX Series has a unique load-sharing design. It is designed to maximise the load-bearing capacity of each runner while reducing point loading. The simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools.

The HDX casing spacer comes in four runner heights. The varying runner heights for the model ensure that pipeline installers can handle a range of carrier pipe outer diameter and casing inner diameter combinations. Additionally, this grants installers the ability to customise pipe position for grade control, otherwise known as centring.

Jason Linaker, Managing Director and creator of the Australian-owned kwik-ZIP products, is proud to have multiple WSA PS-324-compliant series in the HDXT and HDX series. The recognition will allow kwik-ZIP to continue supporting safer and longer-lasting installations.

“kwik-ZIP casing spacers will protect pipes, make installation easier and extend the life of your asset. With two product series being approved by the industry, choosing the right spacer for longevity and success is easy,” said Linaker.

HDX spacers perfect for Badgerys Creek

The spacers incorporate low friction, high abrasion-resistant wear pads attached to load-sharing runners. The outside diameter of the carrier pipe determines the number of segments required for each spacer.

“Flexibility of the design means various runner heights across the series of products can be achieved. It allows for different pipe/casing combinations and a broad range of carrier pipe dimensions,” says Linaker. “Spacers are usually a small part of the overall pipe installation process. Correctly designed and fitted non-metallic spacers with low friction runners can increase the life expectancy of the pipeline. They mitigate corrosion, protect pipes from abrasion and scoring during insertion, and reduce installation forces on joints during slip lining.”

The different runner heights across the HDX and HDXT models ensure pipeline installers can handle a range of carrier pipe OD and casing host pipe ID combinations. It also allows installers to custom-pipe position for grade control or centering.

What is unique about kwik-ZIP?

kwik-ZIP’s series of spacers caters to a range of carrier and casing pipe size combinations. It also provides contractors and installers flexibility to deal with project alterations.

Manufactured from high-grade thermoplastic, kwik-ZIP casing spacers and centraliser products are used by commercial plumbing companies, water authorities, water well drillers and international engineering firms throughout Australia.

kwik-ZIP spacers have no metal parts. Their spacers are made from kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible and tough. Its low-friction coefficient also minimises the installation forces for large bore pipes.

kwik-ZIP focuses on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly. This approach ensures that its systems deliver cost, time, and operational advantages to its customers.

Spacers designed for almost any project

The HDX Series can handle steel, DICL, HDPE, concrete and MSCL carrier pipes in a range of sizes. kwik-ZIP’s HDX Series further minimises potential damaging vibration and movement transfers from the outer casing to the carrier pipe via innovative suspension and dampening technologies. Likewise, kwik-ZIP’s spacers contain no lead content or metals. The metal-free construction is compatible with all potable water applications and is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The kwik-ZIP systems are now used in production well completion, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), rock bolt and anchor centralisation and trenchless pipeline installations across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

The HDX Series is one of only two spacers (kwik-ZIP’s HDXT is the other) that have been certified and approved by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) against its Product Specification WSA PA 324 Casing Spacers.

kwik-ZIP spacers are also on the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) approved products list and the SEQ Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction code. The MRWA is a joint association of three major water retailers owned by the Victorian government: South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and Greater Western Water. The South East Queensland (SEQ) standards are utilised by the City of Gold Coast, the City of Logan, Redland City Council, Unity Water and Urban Utilities.

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