Software updates for the water industry abound

The latest innovations for many of Autodesk’s products have been released in the last couple of weeks, including InfoDrainage 2024, Civil 3D 2024 and AutoCAD 2024. Its team of engineers has taken a deep dive into these releases and summarised some of the most exciting developments.

The latest Autodesk software updates for many products have been released in the last couple of weeks, including InfoDrainage 2024, Civil 3D 2024 and AutoCAD 2024. Its team of engineers has taken a deep dive into these releases and summarised some of the most exciting developments.

Latest software updates for Autodesk InfoDrainage 2024

Among the developments, there are three key features that will be of benefit to Australian users of InfoDrainage.

The addition of the Design Logic Switch solves the problem of understanding trade-offs between conflicting design objectives by providing a user-friendly interface to help you make more informed decisions. The key element of this new tool is the combo box that allows you to easily select between two different design logics: one selection minimises excavation and slope whilst the other minimises pipe diameter. Overall it will improve your flexibility and efficiency in the drainage design process.

An exciting development for those who also use Civil 3D is a new feature that allows you to natively export curved pipes from InfoDrainage to Civil 3D. Thus increasing the accuracy as the software no longer makes assumptions that a curved pipe is a series of polylines. This new feature provides a more streamlined workflow for designers who need to work with curved pipes whilst also improving their accuracy and efficiency.

If you work within a multi-national and multi-lingual team, you will be well aware of the difficulties that arise from software not necessarily being available in a range of languages. Autodesk is committed to providing the best user experience and platform that is accessible to your whole team. Accordingly, users of InfoDrainage 2024 can now use and navigate the software in Spanish, French, Japanese and German as the graphical user interface has now been translated.

Latest software updates for Autodesk Civil 3D 2024

The latest release of Civil 3D offers design efficiencies, optimized workflows, and performance enhancements that help cut overall design time and streamline project delivery. New features include:

  • New Subassembly Deployment and Management Functionality which allows Civil Engineers to deploy both subassemblies and assemblies more efficiently.
  • Project Explorer is now included in the Civil 3D 2024 installer. Previously, this powerful product was an extension at an additional cost.
  • Enhancement in pressure networks such as the ability to specify a user-defined block for displaying vertical bends in plan view, display of hatch pattern in plan view, more scaling options, the ability to connect a pipe run to an existing tee, wye or cross on another pipe run and improvements to layout and editing behaviour.

Read more about the enhancements within Civil 3D 2024 HERE

Latest software updates for Autodesk AutoCAD 2024

The new AutoCAD 2024 is here and we are pleased to see a focus on features and assistive machine learning technology that allow you as the user to accelerate workflows and seamlessly share your projects. Innovations within the update include:

  • Activity Insights tool that will allow you to be more productive by bridging the gaps in collaborative AutoCAD workflows by keeping you up to date with relevant file changes.
  • Smart Blocks replacement tool that will allow you to quickly find the blocks you need and replace one or more of your blocks via machine learning-based suggestions, recently used blocks, and manual substitute block selection.
  • Smart Block placement tool that will reduce the number of clicks and save time by automatically placing blocks in your drawing by inferring the position of the next block based on where you’ve inserted the same ones thus far in your DWG file.

Read more about the enhancements within AutoCAD 2024 HERE

Latest software updates for Autodesk Civil Site Design V24

To coincide with the release of Autodesk’s 2024, our own development team has released Civil Site Design V24. As Autodesk Gold Partner and authorised developer, we pride ourselves in ensuring our products are compatible with the newest updates.

Civil Site Design includes pipe network tools to fast-track the creation of pipe networks in Civil 3D, ready for analysis in InfoDrainage, and generate production output. Because Civil Site Design operates within Civil 3D, you can design in context with the infrastructure represented in the drawing and leverage the surface elevations directly. In the design phase Civil Site Design enhances Civil 3D pipe network tools by providing multi-branch network layout directly from polylines in the drawing, automatically applying cover, slope and depth rules across the entire network, and providing automated naming based on your network branching and including. Our dynamic interactive design window allows you to view and edit all pipes along any selected branch, including clearance checks to all other services and enabling rapid design optimisation.

In the analysis phase, Civil Site Design generates a complete Civil 3D pipe network of all pipes and pits. At the click of a button, that network is ready for further analysis in InfoDrainage.

Civil Site Design will also allow users to attach catchments to each node for automated preliminary pipe sizing, ready for further analysis in InfoDrainage. To speed up production outputs, Civil Site Design automates the process of creating alignments along each branch of the network and generates profile views in the drawing, ready for plotting and publishing of outputs.

Read more about Civil Site Design HERE.

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