As easy as child’s play with VEGA and its plics family

VEGA has consistently come out with a range of instruments to support different market segments. By understanding those market needs, its new technology through the PLICS family represents a systematic development of concepts and products.

VEGA has consistently come out with a range of instruments to support different market segments. By understanding those market needs, its new technology through the plics family represents a systematic development of concepts and products.

The introduction of the plics family over 10 years ago has seen VEGA develop a vision for simple, standardised measurement of level and pressure into reality. The VEGABAR 80 series further develops the concept and the products.

The clear structure of the new instrument series ensures easy selection when looking for the right instrument for a particular application. The new handling with the “quick start” procedure allows fast, simple, reliable setup and commissioning. The integrated diagnostics system now makes fast maintenance and servicing possible.

With the VEGABAR 80 series, all potential applications can be covered with three process pressure transmitters. The all-rounder VEGABAR 82 features a ceramic measuring cell, covering 80 per cent of all applications. VEGABAR 83 has a metallic measuring cell, which is designed for high-pressure applications. The classic VEGABAR 81 with a chemical seal is used when high temperature and/or chemical resistance is required.

Ceramic versus metallic

In recent years, advancements have been made in developing metallic and ceramic measuring cells. The ceramic measuring cell CERTEC has experienced the biggest technological leaps, making it VEGA’s core technology.

While only a few suppliers offer ceramic-capacitive cells, VEGA produces them in-house. Approximately 80 per cent of all units sold operate with ceramic sensors, and both technologies can be used in most applications.

Thermal shock and moisture susceptibility are common weaknesses of ceramic measuring cells. However, through further development of CERTEC, these issues have been reduced or eliminated altogether. VEGABAR 82 is equipped with temperature shock compensation. A patent has been applied for this worldwide innovation.

When sudden temperature changes occur, it can take several minutes before sensors with ceramic measuring cells deliver reliable readings again. Users often did not know that a sensor was experiencing a temperature shock and transmitting incorrect values.

The new temperature shock compensation ensures that sensors with ceramic measuring cells deliver reliable readings even during sudden temperature changes. Users will get accurate measurement data, as the fast temperature changes no longer affect the pressure measurement. This is achieved by incorporating a second sensor in the glass joint behind the ceramic diaphragm, compensating for thermal shock.

The second sensor also provides high-quality temperature measurements, eliminating the need for a separate temperature sensor in many applications. NAMUR has already praised this feature.

Moisture sensitivity has also been reduced in the new instrument generation. VEGA has implemented a measurement and a reference capacitor, covering the surface of the measuring cell with a thin layer of glass. This prevents the ingression of dielectric fluid from affecting the pressure reading. The instrument computes the change in capacitance and balances it for an accurate measuring result.

Outstanding properties

VEGA ceramic measuring cells offer high overload resistance. The temperature range has also improved, with CERTEC now capable of withstanding temperatures up to 130°C. Another feature of the VEGA ceramic is its high overload resistance of up to factor 200.

VEGABAR 82 has a measuring range of 25 mbar without electronic turndown. The measuring range has also increased from 60 to 100 bar, expanding application limits.

CERTEC is the only ceramic measuring cell that allows absolute front-flush mounting, making it suitable for abrasive applications. It is used in the paper industry in more than 40,000 measuring points. Additionally, the sensor self-cleans in the flowing medium, preventing build-up.

Safe, reliable operation

The Second Line of Defence feature prevents highly toxic mediums, like phosgene, from penetrating the terminal compartment. VEGA offers a fully welded sensor module with a second line of defence in the VEGABAR 82/83, ensuring accurate measurement even in such applications.

VEGABAR 80 with SIL provides reliable and stable measurement data, adhering to the guidelines of IEC 61508. It can be implemented up to SIL2 in single-channel systems and up to SIL3 in homogeneously redundant systems.

Electronic differential pressure

The VEGABAR 80 family allows users to combine any two instruments into an electronic differential pressure system. By connecting a VEGABAR 82 with another sensor, customers benefit from simplified selection, adjustment, operation, and stocking.

The electronic differential pressure system eliminates the need for insulated oil-filled capillary tubes and chemical seal assemblies. This makes it a simpler and more cost-effective solution. VEGA is the only supplier offering a solution with ceramic sensors in its portfolio.

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