747 flight captain lands with Maxibor

Maxibor proudly announces that former Boeing 747 captain Peter Loneragan has joined his brother Stephen as a Business Development Manager.

Maxibor proudly announces that former Boeing 747 captain Peter Loneragan has joined his brother Stephen as a Business Development Manager.

The Loneragan name is well known in the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) world through Stephen Loneragan. Stephen is one of the most experienced HDD design engineers worldwide. High-level skills run in the Loneragan family, with brother Peter being a 747 Captain for many years.

Now pursuing a more family-friendly career, Peter has recently taken on the challenge of working in a business development role with Maxibor. They are one of Australia’s leading HDD design, engineering, and delivery HDD providers.

Peter has been a Senior Captain with Cathay Pacific Airways for the past 25 years. He honed his early flying skills as a pilot operating United Nations and Red Cross contracts throughout central and eastern Africa. He also has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Studies) from Macquarie University.

Being a 747 Senior Captain requires managing people and resources to arrive at the desired destination successfully. Strong people skills are essential to managing passengers, crew, flight control, and ground personnel. Pilots also need to interpret technical information from various sources. Problem solving also comes into play as the journey is not always as planned!

How Peter fits in at Maxibor

Peter enjoys applying these skills to help Maxibor continue its successful journey in the HDD sector. Peter is piloting Maxibor through the doors of asset owners, principal contractors, and design engineering houses. He focuses on designing and delivering projects requiring Maxibor’s fleet of maxi-rigs, powerful pumps and cleaning systems. This creates opportunities for Maxibor to present its capabilities to assist with solving project challenges through innovative design and engineering and successful delivery of HDD projects.

“My collaborative, inclusive approach matches the culture of Maxibor. They have been promoting good HDD practice for many years through knowledge sharing and cooperation across the industry,” says Loneragan.

Loneragan has a long-time interest in the environment. He recently authored an article on HDD and ESG for our sister magazine Trenchless Australasia which was widely acclaimed across the industry.

“I am excited to be associated with an HDD provider leading the way in Australia through its environmental initiatives. Maxibor’s all-electric HDD spread based around a Gallagher 660e maxi-rig, two Gardner Denver PZ9 pumps, and a Gallagher cleaning system is the way to a much more sustainable future,” says Loneragan

“The transition to the new role has been made all the easier through HDD already being in the family. I also appreciate the extent of the HDD industry expertise Rodney O’Meley has assembled at Maxibor and the sharing, cooperative approach within the team and with clients. It all makes the journey so much easier and rewarding,” says Loneragan

Peter can be contacted at peter.loneragan@maxibor.com.au

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